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I Had Always Wanted ..... Part 1

2022-08-06 00:00:04

I Had Always Wanted…..

For a long time, I had wanted several things, and one was my own Barbeque Stand.

I took an offer to buy the barbecue stand that had been my favorite since childhood.

The owner had died, but left his pit directions, sauce recipes and even recipes for fried pies that hadn’t been offered in my lifetime.

I spent time experimenting with frying fruit pies and, eventually put them on the menu at a very reasonable price. As they became popular, word got around and business began to increase considerably.
I had been operating as a “One Man” endeavor and it was getting close to being more than I could handle. I did have a lady who did the dishes and floors, but I did the cooking, serving, collecting, busing and socializing.

I soon was feeling the burden of a successful business and decided to hire a wait-staff to give me some relief.
I put an ad in the local paper and a sign in the front window.
The very next day, at the peak of the lunch rush, a cute young lady came in and asked me with whom she should talk to apply for the job. I told her to sit down and that I would be with her as soon as I could.

In a few minutes, a glass of tea was knocked off a table and she immediately jumped up, got the broom and dust pan and cleared the broken glass and tea.

I gave her a ‘thumbs up’ and a big smile. She returned the smile, then greeted, sat and brought water to several new customers as they came in, telling them that I would be with them shortly.

More than one of my customers complimented me on having her there and thus speeding up their lunches.

After the lunch crowd left, I asked her if she was hungry, brought her food and asked when she would like to start.

“Well, Sir, I would like to start as soon as possible. I am broke and just came into town with no place to stay. I grew up here, but haven’t lived here since I was 13,” she said.

“In that case, you started two hours ago and when you finish eating I will take your information, show you around the place, get you some waitress clothes and have you ready for the evening rush,” I told her.

“I can’t believe that you hired me so quickly,” she sighed.

“Well, you came in at the right time, did the right thing, impressed the right people, are one pretty little lady, soooo……, what else could I have done?” I said.
“You have just made my life a lot more comfortable, Sir,” she said.

“How old are you, and what is your name? My name is John Sherman, by the way,” I asked, “and please call me John or Johnny, if you will. I am a very informal guy.”

“My name is Jean Porter and I just turned 18, Johnny.” She answered.

“I knew a Bob Porter in High School, are you related?” I asked.

“He was my brother,” she said.

“He was a really nice guy and I am sorry that he was killed. I hear that he was a war hero. I never knew that he had a little sister, though. I do remember him having a younger brother, Gene, who should be about your age, now. I haven’t seen Gene since he was about 12, I think. Whatever happened to him?” I asked.

“I am really scared to tell you,” She said, “but he does remember you and thinks about you frequently.”

“I don’t understand. Why are you scared to tell me?” I pried.

“Because of how he turned out. You might not approve,” she answered, hesitatingly.

“Well, Hon, My memories of Gene are all warm and good. I doubt that I would disapprove of anything he did. He was always a sweet and caring boy, and I wish that you would tell me about him,” I explained, “and if he needs my help, I would be more than anxious to give it. I am not judgmental and make my own decisions about people based upon my relationship with them.

Gene probably saved my life when he was a kid, and I would love to see him and thank him again. When I returned from military duty, your family had moved away and I never found out where.
I heard that your parents divorced and that Bob was killed in action. Other than that, I never knew,” I told her emotionally.

“Are you sure that you would have no ill feelings about Gene if I told you?” she whispered.

“Sweetheart, I have always considered that Gene saved my life when he pulled me out of that wreck. I would do almost anything to help him, and most of all, I want to see him, if you will arrange it,” I assured her.

“Even if you found out that he has been in love with you since he was 12?” she asked, guardedly.

“Uhhhh, that’s hard to believe, but I would be flattered if it were true. I feel
that a person cannot help who they like or dislike and, more importantly, who they love. How can anyone find fault in love, or anything to do with love?” I replied.

“Johnny, he does, I can tell you that he was horrified when he saw that truck hit you and was so thankful that he got you out before the explosion. You have been on his mind ever since,” she said.

“Please get me in touch with him. I want to see him, badly. How soon can you do it?” I insisted.

“Johnny, I am Gene. Sorry if you thought “Jean” when I told you my name. I had no idea that you would remember me. When I read the article in the newspaper about you opening the barbecue stand up, I started planning to come here. My mom gave me bus fare, but we have had a very hard time these past few years. She told me that I would be wasting my time coming to see you, but knowing that I have loved you since we first met (which was when I was 10, by the way). Mom told me not to expect you to even remember me, but to try to get you out of my mind, once and for all. I have needed to tell you these things for so long and I hope that you will understand and not be mad or disgusted with me. Do I still have the job?” she said as she began to softly cry.

“How can I think of you as “Gene” when you are so NOT a guy? No promises, Miss Jean, but I am, simply, flabbergasted with all this. I think that you are one of, if not THE cutest girl that I have seen in a long time. I am trying to wrap this all around my head, and it already is starting to feel warm and comforting,” I said, “and we shall see what we see.”

“Really? Please don’t play games with me, Johnny. I feel as if I am standing on the edge of a cliff, looking down and wondering if I will fall. You seem to be sincere, but the last thing I would ever do is embarrass you. I know that you can’t feel about me the way that I feel about you, but just to be here working with you would satisfy me. I will try to be a good waitress and be nice and courteous to the customers, if you let me stay,” she promised.

“First and foremost, Pretty Little Lady, you have already earned your job when you were 12. How can I forget that?” I emphatically replied.

“Second, I accept you as a female because you radiate who you are, so that IS who you are….Period! I have never had a relationship with a transgendered woman, but I have no problem with the concept. I have had several experiences with women, all of which were disasters. I follow my own set of ideas, preferences and morals even when they don’t agree with a lot, or maybe most of, society,” I said. “I always state my feelings and rarely ask for the approval of others.”

“You really mean that, don’t you? I knew that I always felt close to you, but never knew why. I think that it is because I sense your true being. I was aware that I was not interested in girls, other than to play with, since I can remember. It wasn’t a real concern until I first met you. You told my brother Bob that you didn’t know he had a little sister, and he just laughed and said that I was a boy but that he felt like I was a girl sometimes. I was screaming inside to you that I am a girl and that you had just made me realize it. Bob was the best brother EVER, Johnny. He was never rough when we played, always picked me up and kissed my booboo when I fell down, held my hand when we went walking and never called me a sissy, although I really was one. I almost died when you and he went in to the military and left me. I had no one to turn to when Mom and Dad divorced. I told Mom about myself when I was 15 and she tried to help me, but I told her that I only dreamed about you. I wanted you to know where I am and who I am. Anything else would be ‘icing on the cake’,” she lamented.

I realized that this was an opportunity to have a loving and deep relationship and that I would be foolish to turn down the chance.

“Jean, I’ll tell you now that I do understand you and I feel that you have a lot of the qualities that your brother had. He was a good man. I think that you are a good woman and I am interested in how we work out together. I do think that we had better get to the uniform store and get you set up for tonight,” I said, smiling at her.

The two of us breezed along through our evening rush and she was a hit with the customers. She had several conversations and discussions as the evening wore on. I couldn’t believe the knowledge and ease of exchange that she exhibited.

To say that she made a very good looking and serious young waitress is nowhere near an accurate description.

Her tips were far more than I expected. I had to laugh and share her amazed realization when we totaled up her money. She squealed loudly when I told her that we hadn’t even counted her part of the credit cards and the few checks that had been written. Her cash intake was just a couple of dollars less than the cards and checks.

I suggested that we go sit down and get to know each other better since we were going to be working closely together.

She beamed her happiness towards me and we went back to the office and relaxed and came down from the day’s events.

“Jean, tell me about your mom and dad. I liked them both and am sorry that it didn’t work out for them,” I began.

“Mom has been working as a part-time caretaker of elderly folks and usually makes just enough to pay the rent and buy a few necessities. I haven’t seen Dad but once since he left us and that was at Bob’s memorial service. He doesn’t communicate with us. He lives in Atlanta now and I don’t know what his job is. He has never helped us out with finances and Mom has never asked him,” she said.
“Your mom seemed like a responsible and intelligent lady when I knew her. Do you think she would consider moving back here and working as our cashier? I want to invest in some other businesses when I can and it would be nice to have you two here running the stand. Think about it and we’ll see what happens. I happen to own a nice little apartment complex and would be happy to have her as a tenant. It is just a couple of blocks from here, too. What do you think?” I ventured.

“Oh, Johnny, she’d probably love it. She stays down in spirit and it might just be a blessing for her. Your mind works overtime, doesn’t it?” she quipped.

“Not overtime, but too damned much, sometimes, I think!” I laughingly said.

“Hey, it’s eight o’clock. Would you like to go and celebrate us meeting again after all this time? I feel like I have been liberated by your coming today,” I said, we'll get some good food and atmosphere to enjoy and sit and talk some more. I have to tell you, Jean, I already like you a lot and want to get to know you completely. You have to remember that if it wasn’t for you, I might be 6 feet under the grass. I’ll never forget that, Sweetheart,” I said seriously.

“Wow, I am overwhelmed, Johnny. I never expected this kind of reception,” Jean replied.

“What would you like to eat, my pretty princess? You tell me and I’ll give you the options,” I smiled to her, “Now go change your clothes while you decide, and then we will go and have fun!”

Jean decided that she would let me pick the place, so I picked a restaurant that was owned by a friend who offered a wide variety on the menu.

We were greeted warmly by my friend Joe, who showed us to a private booth in the back corner of the dining room. We sat and talked for 2 hours and as Joe was closing, I realized that I didn’t want to leave Jean; I wanted to stay with her all night. My mind was racing as I reached across the table and held her hands and told her that I didn’t want this to end and would she consider spending the night with me. She looked into my eyes incredulously and whispered that she might not be able to remain conscious long enough to get out of the restaurant.

“Johnny, does this mean what I think it means?” she asked.

“It means that I want to, at least, hold you and kiss that pretty face for the rest of the night,” I breathed back at her.

“I can’t believe this,” she stammered.

“Well, just try and we will see how it works out. I have the feeling that we both might have a beautiful night,” I suggested.

“OMG, OMG, OMG! Is my fantasy coming into reality? I just can’t believe this is happening,” she squealed out softly.

When we got into the car Jean slid over and put her head on my shoulder and wept all the way to my house. I kissed her forehead at each red light and told her that it was going to be alright.

She was still sobbing when we walked into my living room. I had thought that they were tears of joy, but looking at her face, I saw that the face that went with them was not a face of joy.

I turned her around facing me and kissed her eyes, asking why she was so sad.

“Johnny, I’m 18 and have never been loved by anyone but Mom, Dad and Bob. I have never had a boyfriend and I don’t know how to react to you. I am completely lost. I want this more than anything in the world, but you will have to help me. Please. I will do anything for you, but I don’t know how,” she pleaded.

“Ah, Jean, it will come naturally, just go with your emotions. They will guide you through this,” I said.

“But, I’ve never had a romantic experience except in my dreams but you weren’t really there. I don’t know what to do or how to react to you,” she continued.

“Baby, if you dreamed it, just do what you did in your dreams because that is what you really want. I have never made love to a girl who had what you have between your legs, either, but I’ll bet I won’t have any trouble enjoying what you do have! You see, it will be all new for us both, so don’t feel insecure,” I assured her, “we will, basically, get each other’s cherry. Now isn’t that a hoot? Believe me or not, I have considered this because of having such rotten luck in female relations. I never thought of the benefits of being with a transgendered girl. I now think that it is the hottest idea, ever. You and I are going to have so much fun that we may not get the place ready for lunch in time.”

“Do you really think that I can make you happy, Johnny? I want to so much,” she whispered.

“Why don’t we get a shower and get to know our bodies? Are you OK with that? I am a little giddy thinking about it,” I laughed to her.

“OMG, you mean shower together? Ummm, does that mean we wash each other? I mean, I don’t know what I mean,” she exploded.

“I can’t think of a better way to take a shower, and you may do anything that comes into that pretty head of yours at any time during our relationship,” I said.

We went into my bedroom and I undressed her. She was beautiful! She had a definitely feminine body shape, long, wavy chestnut hair, tiny boobs that actually had almost imperceptible mounds under their dark pink nipples, a flat tummy, a small and feminine chestnut bush over a three inch circumcised boner, a little nut bag and totally unnoticeable leg hair. There was no other body hair except very light fur under her arms and I had to look closely to see that . I studied her for several minutes, shook my head and smiled. She blushed and looked as if she was close to crying again until I told her that I had never seen s sexier body before in my life.

I instantly knew that I was going to love this girl as well as her body.

Jean looked at me quizzically and asked if I was going to undress. I told her that it was her job and she slowly began to.

She got to my underwear and stopped, telling me that she was afraid to go on. I pointed out that my boner was stretching the fabric so far out that she could look over the top and see it without taking them off. She laughed, pulled them down and gasped.

“OMG, it’s huge! It’s way bigger than I ever dreamed, OMG, OMG!” she repeated.

“Jean, it’s only 6 inches, it’s not that big! It’s about average, I would guess,” I said, smiling.

“But look, it’s so much bigger than mine. I’ve never seen one that big,” she exclaimed.

“I hope that you will learn to like it as much as I expect to like yours, Little Girl,” I said, softly.

“OMG, do you mean that you are going to PLAY with mine? OMG, I thought only girls did that to their boyfriends,” she blurted out.

“Baby, I am captivated by you and your beautiful body. I expect to play with your whole body and to enjoy finding all the ways I can to make it feel excruciatingly good for you,” I replied.

I then did what I had wanted to do since inviting her to spend the night with me. I pulled her into a tight hug and kissed those delicious lips for a good five minutes. We explored each other’s tongues, teeth and mouths. I slipped back and began kissing her eyes, then her neck, then her shoulders.

She was panting furiously and begged me not to stop.

I told her that we needed to shower and then I was then going to take her for a ride that she would never forget.

We turned the water on and stumbled into the shower holding each other up, both so charged up from our preamble.
We succeeded in getting each other cleaned up, both taking extra time cleaning the other’s boner and imagining what we were going to do with and to them.

We reluctantly got out of the shower, dried off and I picked her up and carried her to the bed, locked in a kiss the whole way.

I laid her down and snuggled up to her, our dicks kissing each other as did our lips.

Then, I began kissing her boobies and sucking their nipples as she moaned and howled her bliss to the world.

She began to whimper and cry out as I kissed down her stomach, and then to the 3 inch sentinel standing so proudly in the midst of the softest bed of pubic hair that I had ever encountered.

I kissed all the way around the incredible sight and down to her little scrotum, carefully sucking both of her bird eggs and their nest into my mouth, and nearly blowing my load from the sheer sexual delight that I was experiencing from this totally new area that I was exploring.

Jean was trembling, moaning, panting and writhing all at the same time as I made oral love to her delicious body.

I released her little egg sack and then went where I had never ever thought of going and kissed and licked up to her tiny back door that was hiding so well from the world.

As I licked around her sweet rosebud without touching it, Jean’s body began to stiffen and she brought her legs back until her knees were on the bed beside her boobies, presenting me with completely clear access to her entrance portal.

When she got completely into that position, her hole was waiting for my tongue which did not disappoint her. I licked all around and over it, but could not get my tongue into it so finally tried opening it with a finger.

When I did get my finger started in, she let out a blood-curdling scream and flipped her legs back and started bucking with her feet on the bed like a mad woman.

I moved up to her little dick and put it and her little egg sack back into my mouth. She started trembling, then vibrating wildly and gave me my first taste of her cum.

She must have shot a dozen little spurts of her juice at about a teaspoonful each, shrieking and screaming all the while!

I started to pull my finger out of her but she begged me to leave it in.

Her dick had begun to soften slightly so I was going to release her tool and tool bag but she implored me to leave them in my mouth. She then went back hard and just panted as she relaxed a bit. I so wanted to talk to her but had a mouthful and couldn’t!

After a few minutes she whispered, asking me if I was uncomfortable and needed to release her from captivity. I told her ‘no’ by emphatically grunting ‘Unhh-Unhhh!’ which caused her to start laughing hysterically, eventually being able to tell me to please pull my finger out and let her dick and balls out of my mouth.

I slid up and held her tightly, wanting to kiss those wonderful lips, but not wanting to swallow my mouthful of her first orgasm brought about by someone other than herself.

She told me that she loved me unconditionally and always would. I ‘hummed’ back to her and she asked me why I didn’t talk to her. I rolled over onto my back and pointed to my open mouth. She looked in and her face went bright red.

“OMG, is all that from me? OMG, I can’t believe that I did that in your mouth, Johnny,” she said in an unbelieving voice.

“I was so completely blown away by what you did that I had no idea what was happening. I have had orgasms since I was 13, but nothing even remotely like this one. I can still hardly move. Will you do that to me again, some day, PLEEEZE? Oh, I don’t know what to think. I will have to find a way to make you feel like this,” she promised.

I decided to go on and swallow my ‘Jean-juice’ in order to be able to kiss her more and show her that orgasms should consist of fore-play as well as after-play.

I swallowed and then savored the aftertaste. I was suddenly aware that I had just done something else that I would have never remotely considered doing before that night, and instantly knew that I was now addicted to making love to this remarkable young lady who had once saved my life.

“Sweet Girl, I have to admit that it was an experience that I’ll never forget. I am so glad that I did it for you, and will do it again anytime you want. Do you want to sleep now? You look exhausted,” I asked.

“I want to sleep in your arms like the dreams that I have had for all these years, BUT, I think I have a duty to do something for you first. OMG, you are so hard! May I try to do something to make you all soft again? I think I know what I want to do, but what do you want me to do? Just tell me and I will do it,” she offered in her sweetest little girl voice.

“Surprise me and do what you think I want. That’s what I did for you, but you don’t need to do all that I did because we need to sleep soon,” I told her.

“You know that I have no experience in this, so please tell me what to do. I want to learn to make you as happy as you just made me,” she pleaded.

“Baby, anything that you do will be pleasing to me, and after what I just felt when you did yours, it won’t take but a very short time for me to unload what I have been saving for about two years. So do what you feel like and you’ll see what I do when you do it,” I implored her.

Jean had been holding my dick in her hand since I had stretched out beside her after her monumental orgasm. She now began to stroke me gently, but firmly and then moved her head down and started kissing my dickhead as she continued jacking my pole. Then, all at once she put her lips around the head and started licking me as I had done to her. Then she slipped her lips down and almost took me all the way. She stopped jacking me and started sucking as she bobbed her head up and down. Oh, did that ever feel great!

“Jean, I’m not going to last long with you doing that and when I let it go, it’s gonna be a big one, so be ready to back off with your mouth and go back to using your hand,” I warned her.

She grunted a reply and went on, taking almost all of me in and giving me an incredible feeling.

“Baby Girl, I am getting really close, now,” I warned again.

She slowed down to slow motion and sucked and licked under my dickhead on that especially sensitive area.

I started the slowest orgasm imaginable and started filling her mouth up with my cum. She went on, still slowly and relentlessly and I could feel her swallowing continuously as I kept delivering.

I had never had an orgasm that lasted that long and as intense as that one.

“Oh, Hon, that was so good and lasted so long. I want that every day, three times a day! Damn, girl, you are good,” I managed to croak out to her.

“Johnny, I have wanted to do that to you ever since I learned about it and found out how to do it. I was afraid that I would do it wrong, but it felt like it was very good for you. Did you really like it? I hope so,” she asked, all proud of herself.

“There is only one way that it could be better and I’ll show you that next time,” I replied, “but, now we need to sleep. We must get up and be ready to serve barbecue at 11AM, you know.”

We went to sleep wrapped in each other’s arms, our hard dicks nestled side by side and her boobies making little divots in my chest.

I went into Dreamland planning our next bedtime activities with glee.

What a wonderful and beautiful thing this relationship was developing into!!