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Memories of Suburban Sex

2022-08-13 00:00:04

Memories of Suburban Sex: Part 1

How it Started:

In the 1980’s when we were in our early thirties – my wife and I moved into a new house, a bungalow on a nice estate in a town south of Manchester. The neighbours were very friendly including – across the road – C.

C was in her late forties – a lively attractive bubbly chatty character – who was always well presented – normally dressed in bright casual clothes that suited her and always gave a friendly hello. She was a slightly larger lady – but her figure went in and out in all the right places – and she had an enormous chest – the cleavage of which was always evident – and always took my eye !

Within twelve months of our arrival – C lost her husband – who was much older than her – and after a suitable time she became the merry widow.

Soon after – we re-organised our bungalow – and changed our bedroom to a room at the front. This normally had net curtains – but during the refurbishments – these had been temporarily taken down. One evening – we had had a few drinks and were playing around – and made our way to bed. I ended up naked on the bed touching my hard-on and watching Sue get undressed– and getting ready for the fun. Once naked, Sue came over and started wanking me slowly – rubbing my cock over her 38 inch boobs whilst I gently slid my fingers down between her legs and made her wetter and wetter.

She got on top and slid my cock inside her – then rode me slowly for five minutes – whilst I stroked her tits and pulled and sucked on her big nipples which fit into my mouth beautifully. I love biting them gently – and Sue goes right over the top when I do !

Sue decided to turn round whilst still on top – and take me backwards – once there –she started riding me harder and harder. My cock was getting ready to shoot – as I looked at her back and arse going up and down on me. I felt her hot wet cunt wrapped round my cock – and looked at the outer edge of her boobs as they swayed into view on either side with each stroke. For just a moment I looked sideways out of the window and realised simultaneously that we were rather visible from the outside – and that someone was actually watching !!

C’s bedroom window overlooked our new room – and there – shadowed against the window from the light of her landing light – was C. Sue was really getting up to speed at this point – and I was pretty close. As my cock took on an extra level of interest I just blurted out – “Bloody Hell ! C is watching us !”

Sue gasped, and broke her stroke.

“Where !” She said.

“There !” I replied “ You can see her shadow at her bedroom window !”. Sue glanced sideways and could seeCA’s profile in the shadows. I thought she would immediately leap up, clutch the bedcovers around her – and jump for the light switch – but – the gin must have got to her – because she started slowly grinding away again.

“Is she still there ?” she asked - not daring to look again herself.

“Yes !” I said.

My cock was now so close to pumping I could hardly speak. Here I was with my wife riding my cock – and this attractive older woman watching our every move.

“What’s she doing ?” asked Sue.

I looked more closely – trying not to gaze directly in case C was frightened away. I could swear I could see her elbow in the shadow moving up and down rhythmically.

“Oh My God” I said “She’s frigging herself”. C either had her skirt up and fingers inside her knickers – or she had her hand down the waist band of what she was wearing and was working away. I couldn’t tell which because she was above us – and the window sill of her room obscured the detail.

“Can she see me” whispered Sue.

“Oh Yes ! She can definitely see you” I replied. “In fact I bet she can see my cock banging in and out of you right now !”

“Oh Jesus” cried Sue – and came so violently – I couldn’t believe it.

She threw her head back, clutched her own breasts, squeezed her nipples and screamed out loud. Her pussy clamped onto my cock as it went into spasm – and I swear she poured a pint of juice out of her. This was too much for me – and two strokes later – my cock – which had never felt so hard before - let go and pumped gallons into her.

On feeling me pumping and thrusting spunk inside her - Sue came a second time –squealing “You fucking filthy bitch !” to her self – and collapsed sideways on to the bed.

We both just lay there for a few minutes – stroking one another gently – and getting over the most fantastic fuck we’d had in several years of marriage. My cock was still half hard – and Sue lightly fingered herself. We both tried to snatch the odd glance out of the window without looking directly – and a few minutes later – C’s curtains slid closed . As I reckoned everyone was probably exhausted – I then got up and drew our curtains.

“That was so fantastic” Sue sighed.

“What was it that really got you going” I asked.

“It was knowing that another woman was turning herself on watching me fucking you” she said. “It obviously did it for you as well ! What was best for you ?”

I replied that, as she knew, I just love watching women play with themselves – from light stroking and touching – to fists full off fingers deep inside their pussies and covered with juice – and to think C, our ordinary neighbour was doing that whilst watching us fuck was an incredible turn on.

I’m also a a huge big tit fan – and even though I hadn’t seen anything – I had imagined C running her hands over those big milky tits and playing with her nipples as she turned herself on.

All through this conversation – Sue had been continually stroking her finger up and down her slit – and when I finished – she just slipped her two fingers deep inside – sighed deeply, ground her hand in between her legs and shuddered silently as she came for the third time. We then rolled together and went to sleep. What a horny night!

Memories of Suburban Sex: Part 2

Moving to the next phase:

Over the next few weeks we looked out for C’s movements around her house in the evenings. When and where the lights went on and off etcetera - and on several occasions we managed to time our fucking to coincide with when we thought C might see. Needless to say our net curtains didn’t go back up – although we did arrange things outside and on the window sill to reduce the likelihood of passersby being able to see us – but we still left C with an uninterrupted view. Sue also placed a mirror on the dressing table – so that she could see C watching – without looking directly out of the window.

Most times we managed to grab C’s attention – and we both used to get a fantastic thrill as we would see her shadow slip into place by the window as we started undressing each other. One of my favourite things was to lie back on the bed stark naked, get Sue to strip off slowly – running her hands up and down her body – slipping her hand inside her bra and knickers before she took them off, touching herself just as she likes to be touched – and then reaching for my cock and gently pumping me with her light fist until neither of us could stand it any more – and I’d get on top and pound her pussy – still glancing to ensure C was getting a good view.

Of course, we still saw C out on the street – and said “Hello” as if neither of us knew anything about the others part in our secret sex routine. But when we spoke I was always looking at her cleavage and arse - imagining getting my hands on her naked body. I really wanted to see those fantastic jugs unfettered and would try to imagine where her nipples would be pushing into her bra in the huge bulge of her chest and to guess how big they would be and what they’d be like to suck.

As Sue and I continued to perform our show over the next couple of months we would imagine what sex with C would be like. I would sometimes comment as I pushed my cock in and out between Sue’s legs- “ Do you think she’s got her hand on her tit ?” or “ Do you think she likes having her nipples rolled in her fingers” or “Do you think she’s using a dildo ?”

Every time I introduced the subject of C’s sexual preferences, Sue would get even more excited and she would then say things like “Do you want to fuck her ?” Do you want me to watch you and her fuck while I play with myself ?” “Would you let me suck her tits ?”

This sort of talk would have us both cumming in buckets – and as we came we both would look towards the window or the mirror to see C stood at her window, her arm or whole body moving imperceptably against the light. On several occasions we were sure she was standing there naked from the waist down – but we couldn’t be sure and her tits never came into view - but it was always fantastic to have her there as we stripped, sucked and fucked !

Sometimes – she clearly finished herself off before we did – and would drift back into the darkness of her room before we collapsed together. Other times she stayed at it longer than we could – so we would lie together playing with each other in full view in the hope that this would help her finish off. Sue would say “ She deserves to cum – she’s done it for you and me again tonight !”.

We even started discussing “What C would like to see tonight” and then carrying it out. Judging by the time she spent watching – and the amount she moved in the shadows – we suspected that she particularly enjoyed seeing Sue in stockings, facing the window with her tits hanging down and with me taking her doggy style. But we were only guessing of course.

This whole adventure went on for several months into the winter. It came to the time for Christmas cards to be exchanged and C came over the road one day to deliver ours. As they chatted C casually asked Sue whether we would like to come over for a seasonal drink one night?

Sue politely accepted – but said she’d have to check with me that the evening suggested was OK.

When I got home from work – I’d hardly got through the door before Sue grabbed me – and said “You’ve got to fuck me right now! C has invited us over for a drink next week – and I’ve not been able to keep my hand off my pussy thinking about it ever since!”

She lifted her skirt to show me that her knickers had been taken off long before – and her pussy was absolutely soaking wet. Her lips were wide open as I placed my hand there and without effort slid three fingers right up her cunt. I swear I could have got both hands inside her - she was that loose and wet.

Sue nearly ripped my trousers as she opened them and yanked them down to get at my cock – which – although surprised – was definitely up for the job ! She virtually threw herself onto my cock – almost impaling herself on it as I staggered back against the front door in the onslaught ! No more than a dozen strokes later – we were both cumming in gasps and swearing as we slipped slowly to the floor.

Memories of Suburban Sex: Part 3

The Night in question:

The night for the drink came round quickly. Sue dressed in her best and sexiest black underwear including stockings and suspenders and some nicely heeled black shoes. She wore a fairly low cut top (nothing too suggestive ) – and a brightly patterned medium length full skirt. It was very classy but a casual style. After all, we had no idea what was going to happen. C may have thought that we had no idea about her night time voyeurism – and might be horrified if she thought we knew. She might be hugely embarrassed and even worse – might stop playing in our game!! We couldn’t make any assumptions about how the evening would turn out.

We had a quick drink at home to fortify ourselves, and then at 7.30 we walked over the road and knocked on C’s door.

C opened the door – and welcomed us in. There was a quick peck on the cheek for each of us. She accepted the bottle we had brought and invited us into the sitting room and pointed us towards the settee. She then fetched a drink for each of us and settled herself into the armchair by the fire.

C proved to be really good company. She sat there, half curled in to her large armchair wearing a loose skirt and cream blouse. I noticed that she was carefully and tastefully made up – and made the best of her self – with some attractive gold jewellery, well manicured long red nails and a delicate, expensive perfume. We chatted and laughed at loads of things about people on the road, things in the news, other people we each knew – and – as we all got gently pissed - the evening went along swimmingly.

Of course as Sue and I got a little more drunk – our inhibitions and fears started to ease of a bit and the conversation got very slightly suggestive – but nothing more than a joke here or there. But it showed C was not a prude in public. We knew she was clearly horny in private! Maybe something would happen after all.

C had also served up a few snacks for us – and she started clearing away the things and taking them back into the kitchen. This involved her leaning over the low table to pick up plates and things – and inevitably brought that fantastic cleavage into stark focus – including tantalising glimpses for me of white lace keeping those two massive breasts gently in place.

My cock jumped to attention and was soon straining against my trousers in quite an obvious manner. I adjusted my position as C left the room with the last of the pots.

By then Sue had noticed my erection – (well you couldn’t really miss it – running down my trouser leg like a frankfurter – and twitching slightly !). She gave me a look which was a mix of surprise, a question, alarm and lust. C was still out of the room – clanking the cups so I thought “What the hell !” nothing had happened by now and probably wouldn’t – and I did have a hard on – and Sue was wearing her sexiest underwear - so I took Sues hand and put in my cock !

Sue looked a bit spooked but didn’t take her hand away – and then very slowly began rubbing her hand up and down the length of my cock – squeezing it gently through the material and pressing firmly but not hard. C seemed to be taking her time with the coffee and Sue’s stroking of my meat felt really good. My cock was lifting the fabric of my trousers until it was almost painful. I put my head back and closed my eyes – and started to think about C’s cleavage and underwear that I’d just seen – and began to drift into a sordid fantasy – that probably wasn’t going to happen now.

Suddenly Sue jumped and her hand flew from the iron bar that was lodged down my trouser leg. My eyes flew open and Sue sat bolt up right as C came back into the room with the coffee cups. “Everything alright ?” she said cheerily – “Would you like another drink as well ?”.

“That would be nice” we both said - and she left the room again. We started giggling in an embarrassed way between us and I could tell that though scared stiff – Sue was well turned on – her nipples were now thrusting through her bra and her top making perky thimbles – a sure sign that she was getting there. My cock was no smaller than it had been and I took Sue’s hand again and put it back. She started working it up and down – circling fingers gently round the tip –and giving an extra squeeze at the base.

This was getting serious !

C still hadn’t returned so I reached over and slid my hand inside Sue’s top, cupped her breast and started working her stiff nipple through her bra with my thumb and finger . Now it was her turn to close her eyes – and I watched her hips start to gyrate slightly as she tried to respond to what was happening between her legs.

This time we heard C returning and broke apart in time – but it was getting pretty obvious what might have been going on – and despite attempts to shift position and sit up my rock hard cock was still very evident.

C delivered the new drinks on to the table – and again – I got the full cleavage show and an even deeper view of those fantastic, milky white juicy orbs pressed together by her massive bra. They moved deliciously as she laughed at a funny remark.

God! How I wanted to get my face in between those tits and pull and tug on those long imagined nipples. I wondered whether C’s eyes rested on my crotch for just a moment. She then went and sat back down.

Sue then did two unbelievable things. Firstly, she moved back up close to me, leant into me – and then without being very obvious, deliberately placed her hand back on my leg close to my cock where C had been looking. C’s eyes slid back to the place and stayed there momentarily.

Sue then looked straight at C – and said in the sweetest voice “ We’re really sorry C but now that we’re relaxed a bit I think it’s OK to say this - but we just realised a couple of weeks ago (it had been months of course !) – that you must be able to see straight into our bedroom at nights. We’re so sorry, we never realised – we hope we haven’t embarrassed you in any way or caused you any problems”.

There was a pause that lasted for ever. Sue had introduced the unspoken. It could go either way from here. My heart was absolutely racing.

“Not at all dear” said C. Then she looked down nervously, hesitated and then very quietly said - “In fact I’ve been enjoying it for a good while now. You two put on a beautiful show. I can’t tell you what it does for me”. Another pause – then “You’re not going to stop are you ?” She took a big gulp of her drink.

“Oh God NO !” I blurted out – I looked at Sue for confirmation, she was just grinning - and then back to C – “We love doing it for you – the last few months have been so horny – we just love it !!”

Sue’s hand was now onto my cock – deliberately and obviously and slowly wanking me inside my trousers. C’s eyes now fixed on the movement and I started to lose any ability to concentrate on anything other than the smooth long strokes of Sue’s fingers tracing the shape of my cock up and down my trouser leg. She lingered at the base to give an extra squeeze that made it jerk up and then moved back down the length to trace her nails around the tip – with the same effect.

I couldn’t stand it any more and almost cried “Oh please can I get it out ?”

Sue looked at C – and C nodded her head. Her gaze now fixed on my crotch, her body tensed up but still curled into the armchair about four feet away from my twitching body.

Sue stopped her torture of my hard-on and gently reached up to undo my trousers. She slipped the zip down slowly and deliberately – it was the only sound in the room. The tension was unbelievable. It felt like this was the type of time when heart attacks happen !

Sue’s hand slowly curled into my open fly and pulled out my cock. It sprang into the open like a startled animal and stood straight out. My pounding heart and blood pressure made the tip glisten so red and tight that it mirrored the lights. It almost hurt it was so hard and it was so stiff and engorged it almost didn’t look like my cock! I’m not really that big at around seven inches – but I’m sure I gained some extra that night as the veins pushed out all round and it stood there, twitching – as if startled by being brought out in to the daylight. I felt very proud of this master of hard ons !

Sue let go and leaned back a little with a little sigh of deep satisfaction –just looking. C leant forward and made a little gasp. We all just sat there for a few moments looking at my cock as if something alien – pointing straight up out of my gaping trousers, twitching and glistening with a life of it’s own - had been introduced to the room.

I couldn’t believe it – me with my largest cock ever - out and exposed – with two fantastic women both totally mesmerised by it. It took a quite a lot of self control not to cum right then !

Sue made the first move and started to undo the buttons on her top. I told her to stand up so that we could see properly. As the top opened up – her breasts looked fantastic – the black bra pushing them forward –and the nipples clearly defined. She reached behind and unclipped the bra – and those familiar jugs came into full view. Her nipples were big and hard and I knew that any final reservations she had were now gone. She ran her hands over her breasts, cupping them and pulling lightly on her nipples. One hand then went down to the top of her skirt. She dipped her nails under the edge of the waist band – then slid her hand further down and out of sight between her legs. Her head went back and her mouth opened and she started to gasp a little as she found the spot.

By this point I had very gently started touching my cock – I looked over to C who was still sat in the armchair – watching each of us in turn. She still looked fairly calm – quite a feat with two people wanking and frigging off right in front of her in her own front room. Then she looked at me and said quietly “Can I help ?”

“Yes please” I said – and she stood up and moved over to kneel on the floor at my feet. She gently took my trousers and pulled them right off – never taking her eyes off my bouncing, twitching cock.

By this time Sue had lost her skirt and knickers – and was stood gently swaying in front of us both – with one hand on her breast – and a nipple firmly being twisted between her fingers and thumb. Her other hand with a single finger was tracing up and down her slit and was slipping in and out as it passed over her clit. It emerged each time glistening and wet – before going back on it’s journey for another pass. She was looking down at C and me and then whispered “Go on – do it !!”

C then placed her hand on my thigh – and started sliding it up to my cock – we were all breathing loudly and heavily – and the tension was fantastic. It was as if no-one dared to loose control. When she got to my balls – C gently traced her finger nails round them – then slid her palm up the lower side of my cock. I twitched involuntarily as she slowly closed her fingers round it. The sight of her hand with its long red nails gripping me – and the sensation of her hot palm touching the pounding veins beneath it – was almost too much. I was about to loose control.

C then started pulling down with her manicured fist lightly round my meat. Loads of precum had dribbled down my shaft and her fingers slid easily down me and then back up. She seemed mesmerised at the way in which the flesh of her hand and my smooth slimy cock slid and moulded around one another. She was very slow and deliberate and concentrated on each stroke with great care – as if she’d never seen the action before.

Sue had now dropped to her knees on the floor and had moved closer although her fingers were still at work between her legs as she watched another woman’s hand working her husbands cock.

That was it ! The thought was too much for me and I started to cum. Every muscle in my groin contracted - it pumped up from my very roots –and just kept on cumming !

The first spasm sent a spurt over C’s arm and hand – this further lubricated her next stoke which sent a massive stream all over Sue’s front, the third sprayed C’s front and blouse with such force that it splashed under her chin – and then started running down her cleavage.

I don’t know how many more there were – it seemed endless – my arse and stomach muscles all seemed to be combining to thrust out as much cum as could ever be produced. The spunk went everywhere – on me, over the settee over C’s blouse and skirt , into her hair – over Sues naked shoulders and over her breasts – even dripping from one of her nipples – before she rubbed it all over chest –and then sucked her fingers.

The best thing was that as C continued to pump me, and each spurt reached new places – she cried “Oh ! Oh ! Oh !” in time with my ejaculation – as if she couldn’t believe that she had caused such a massive eruption. I was thrusting my hips forward and back uncontrollably with each ejaculation and swearing in disbelief as I splattered the room with my jism.

Finally my cascade subsided – but the fun didn’t end. Almost immediately I’d finished showering the room C leapt up and threw herself back into her armchair with a cry of “Oh My God !”.

Totally out of control she then scrabbled at the hem of skirt and tore it upwards- spreading her legs wide – and hooking one knee over the arm of the chair. Underneath I was surprised to see that the underwear she had on was actually a foundation garment – with bra like hooks at the crotch – to keep things smooth and tight.

She yanked at these frantically and as the catches burst open she tore her knickers down by grabbing at the crotch – and she then thrust three fingers deep into herself all in one go – squeaking and gasping as she did it – and repeating “Oh God Oh God Oh God” with each squelching stroke of her hand as it half disappeared and re- emerged dripping and glistening between her legs faster and faster and completely out of control.

She came within seconds – her body arching up and lifting out of the chair in spasms as her cunt fought to meet those thrusting fingers with greater and greater force. She gave a high little scream that seemed to last for ever – and then she collapsed back into the chair, her head falling to one side, her mouth open and gasping and her hand falling away to reveal her devastated cunt. I actually think she might have fainted – but can’t be sure.

Memories of Suburban Sex: Part 4

It just kept happening !

Throughout this – Sue had remained kneeling on the floor –legs apart and two fingers flashing over her clit vigorously – her tits jiggling in rhythm. Her other hand had been smearing my spunk over, round and in between her breasts whilst her eyes were glued to C’s fisted fingers as they passed effortlessly in and out of her gaping cunt.

Sue had been hypnotised –she’d never seen another woman’s pussy being worked and it was clearly a revelation. Still working her own clit – she moved forward to C’s chair and reached out gently to C’s thigh. She then slipped her hand up the inside of C’s legs until her fingers rested at C’s gaping, soaking gash.

Sue then used the tip of her finger to trace around C’s glistening and engorged clit – she moved with infinite care – as C began to respond again – her breathing getting heavier and heavier – her eyes opened and gazed down at Sue as she went to work. To my knowledge Sue had never touched another woman before – and to see her experimenting with C’s sex in such a dedicated way made my cock begin to recover.

C’s hips began to move in time with Sue’s stroking – her sex lips began to gape a little and Sue readjusted her position so that whilst her forefinger teased that peeping clit – her thumb was pushing inside and tracing round C’s opening.

C began thrusting more vigorously – eyes now closed again and frowning slightly as she concentrated on Sues stroking movements and her thumb dipping in and out.

Sue now released her own pussy and brought her other hand to C’s cunt. She drew her fingers together into a steeple – and placed this where her thumb had been. C’s lips parted easily as Sue’s finger tips started to disappear in side. With each gentle thrust they disappeared further and further as knuckle by knuckle C’s sex invited them in. C shifted her weight forward a little more in the armchair – and Sue’s hand magically disappeared inside ! C gasped and threw her head back. Sue’s wrist now beat a little faster – her other finger still circling the tip of C’s clit – now pushed out to its extreme.

“Lick it !” I whispered – and without another word – Sue moved her head down between C’s legs – reached over her hand which was still embedded and pumping purposefully wrist deep in C’s pussy – and flicked the tip of her tongue over C’s clit.

The two glistening surfaces wiggled gently against each other as I watched spell bound. C’s hands and fists grasped and ungrasped as her next climax approached. Suddenly she reached round and pushed Sues head down in to her crotch. Sue went from tickling with the tip or her tongue – to lapping like a dog at C’s sex whilst her hand had gone from a slow thrusting movement to shaking fast almost like a vibrator.

C orgasmed for a second time. She groaned from deep within and thrust her hips upwards and forwards out of the chair almost throwing Sue off balance. As Sue leant back - she switched back to slow, deep thrusting moves of her hand - still wrist deep in C’s cunt - maintaining the motion until C’s sighs subsided to indicate that she was sated another time.

Through all this adventure so far – apart from hardly a word being spoken – three things had not yet happened. I hadn’t fucked anyone yet, Sue hadn’t actually cum and I hadn’t yet got to see those fantastic jug’s of C’s.

As Sue’s ministrations to C’s cunt came to a close and she gently withdrew her hand with a satisfying sound as C’s lips closed wetly. My cock was still back up and demanding attention. Sue seemed to be in a little of a daze at what she had just done. So I decided to take control.

I guessed that having been on her knees between C’s legs for the past few minutes – Sue would like a change of position – so I gently laid her on her back in front of the fireplace – and at C’s feet. I then climbed on board – making long deep slow thrusts into her pussy. At any time we could turn our heads and look at C – who sat – looking down at us over and between her legs which still gaped open with her pussy red and glistening above us and in full view.

This vision of loveliness was further improved – as C slid her hand inside her blouse and absent mindedly began caressing the huge mountain of one of her breasts. I could now see from where she was concentrating her activity where the peak of her breast must be and as she traced and stroked - my suspicion that she must have really large nipples seemed to be confirmed. Her finger tips were tracing a circle as big as a tea cup in between the material of her blouse and her foundation garment. This thought tingled down into the tip of my cock as it was still pumping Sue’s pussy and then transmitted itself through the hot wet walls of her cunt. Sue began grinding at me harder – she then threw her legs round my back and thrust herself upwards getting me in as deep as she could.

We both came together – I felt like my balls and half of my body were inside Sues pussy she was so hot and wet – and I came in spasms of electric pleasure – and as Sue felt my latest load burst on her insides she too bucked with screams of delight and the words “Fuck Me ! Fuck Me ! Fuck Me !” echoed around the room.

I eventually rolled off Sue – and the two of us lay naked and exhausted at C’s feet. We all gazed at one another, grinning but not saying anything – as the enormity of the greatest sexual moment I had ever experienced washed over us.

Memories of Suburban Sex: Part 5

Just a little more !

C adjusted her legs and her skirt a little so that she was now less exposed – but her blouse still gaped open to show the full swell of those enormous breasts – the deep plunge of her cleavage – and the fine tracery of her underwear that seemed only just capable of keeping it all in place. Her hand still rested over the roundness of her tit gently stroking up and down between milky white flesh, silk lace and around that still unseen teat.

As we all came back to earth slowly – everyone desperately needed a drink. Sue and I resumed our seat on the sofa – although now of course we were completely naked, hot sweaty and half exhausted.

“That was just fantastic” I said – “I have just realised so many of my fantasies in one go – that I think I can die and go to heaven now !”

C replied that this was the first sexual experience she had had since she had been widowed. Watching and being watched and had been one of her best married experiences with her husband. This had included going out in the evenings with no clothes on under a coat (apart from stockings and suspenders) – and then being groped under the table in pubs or bars by him until she was dripping with pussy juices – and then ending up being fucked in car parks or open spaces on the way home.

Sue told her that this was something that we enjoyed as well – but didn’t do often enough – (she looked hard across at me !). The talk then went on about how much the girls each enjoyed quick shags and knee benders. Sue asked if C had a dildo – and if she used it when she’d been watching us. C said she didn’t – but she had a hair curler with a long handle that did just as well.

I asked if she had ever stood there naked from the waist down when she’d been watching. She said she had – but to make it special she had often come to the window with a skirt on – but with no knickers and only when we were performing “vigorously” would she undo the skirt and let it drop to the floor.

I asked C if she knew we knew she was watching. She said she strongly suspected it – particularly when we had shifted our position on the bed so that she got a really good view. But she’d never been absolutely sure. We also asked what she’d liked watching the most. She surprised us by saying she loved watching Sue sucking me off – because she could see both of our naked bodies in full – and see my cock getting attention - all at the same time !

During all this time – Sue and I had been cuddled together, naked on the settee as we chatted away. It all seemed so natural. Skin to skin, affectionately touching and stroking. C, who was still virtually fully clothed, sat across from us in the armchair with her blouse apart with just two or three buttons undone – and her knickers on the floor beside her.

As the conversation continued, and our energies recovered – my cock began to re awaken. Whilst it was never going to be the raging fireman’s pole it had been at the start of proceedings – it was definitely showing interest again – helped by some absent minded strokes from Sue as we continued to chat.

As I grew a little – C’s attention was clearly being drawn away from polite conversation – and more to what was going on between my legs. Sue picked up on it as well – and gradually increased her attention with her fingers – until I was good and hard..

“He does well doesn’t he ?” C grinned at Sue – nodding towards my cock.

“Oh ! Not bad !” said Sue – and then drew her hair back behind her ear so that C would get a good look - and lowered her mouth onto my cock.

C’s hand returned to it’s comfortable position over her right breast – and began it’s gentle motion again.

Now Sue sucks cock really well – combining deep penetration and mouth down the full length with feathery tongueing on the tip and teeth tracing lightly around the glans. So, it wasn’t very long before I was definitely ready for one last stand! But what was it to be ? What could top the best sexual experience I had ever had ?

Whatever happened I determined I would get to see C’s breasts - but she was still clothed and I wondered if she might feel embarrassed about completely stripping off for us. So – between muffled noises from Sue as her mouth slid up and down my shaft I said: “C – why don’t you come over here and sit between us ?”

Sue stopped her sucking and moved to one side saying sweetly – “Oh yes that would be lovely – come and join us for a snuggle.”

C stood up and came and settled between us. I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek and said this had been one of the best days of our life. She turned towards me and said “It’s been lovely for me too. You’re both so lovely and I’ve enjoyed it so much”.

I pecked her a kiss again but on the lips – and then again – longer this time. Her lips opened and her eyes shut as I pushed her mouth open with my tongue – and explored inside as her tongue responded deeper and deeper against mine.

The smell of her was intoxicating – the perfume , her hair and the musk of the earlier sex were unbelievable. She grunted and moaned with muffled pleasure as I got more and more carried away thrusting my tongue deep into her mouth. I felt a movement and opened my eyes to see Sue was now leaning forward and round C – and was undoing her remaining blouse buttons.

Sue then started to draw the blouse back over C’s shoulders.

C broke away from our kiss and leant forward so that her Sue could take the garment off completely. C then leant back again and repositioned herself for us to resume kissing – but instead – Sue reached over and touched her cheek – turned C’s head gently toward her and lowered her face for a kiss of her own.

They too pecked gently for a few times – each one lengthier than the last until they clamped their lips together in real passion – tongues whipped against each other – the inside of lips were traced – and each invaded the others mouth with a mix of groans, moans and gasps of “Yes Yes Yes”. C’s hand traced lazily all over Sue’s back – whilst Sue’s fingers went through C’s hair and behind her neck.

Sat beside them both – my eyes dropped to C’s right tit – directly beside me. Her left was obscured by Sues naked body now riding up and over C as they kissed more and more deeply. I reached for the strap over C’s shoulder and gently pulled it down.

Whilst still concentrating on Sue – C adjusted her arm so I could get the strap right off. I then took a deep breath and cupped my fingers over the material that was restraining her bust and slowly pulled down.

More and more pale white flesh, soft and silky smooth came into view. I traced a finger over the smoothest skin between her tit and her armpit – and then pulled the full breast free.

A deep sigh came from C as she broke away from Sue’s kissing and looked down at her own bust – now released on one side. Sue took the opportunity to repeat the undressing and release the left breast – and then we both just looked in awe at C’s treasures.

“Those are just fantastic !” I gasped in total admiration. They rested in front of us – the size of footballs. Despite C’s age there seemed to be no significant droop and the skin was as smooth and white as silk with the light blue hint of the veins that led to her nipples. Her nipples too were outstanding – the dark pink aureloae the diameter of apples with the peak sat like a grape in the midst of each.

I took one breast in my hand and caressed it all over and around- avoiding the nipple at first to tease both myself and C. Finally I homed in on my prize and ran my fingers over the stiffness of her teat. It grew in size and prominence and I teased it further with my fingers. C started panting slightly as my touch roughened – and my excitement rose even higher as I watched Sue take the other tit – and give it her special attention. C’s eyes and face wandered slowly from breast to breast as she looked down in front of her as we each caressed, fondled and tweaked their perfect combination of softness of flesh and hardness of the nipple.

Almost together – Sue and I then lowered our heads to each nipple. As that sweet bud entered my mouth – I thought I would die – it seemed to fill my mouth – and as I gently licked – I felt it pucker and stiffen like something alive. I sucked more greedily and drew more of her breast between my lips –nipping with my teeth and whipping with my tongue as I watched Sue – on the other side – giving her own special attention to the fruit she had at her disposal. C was now head back – lost in the abuse that each of her tits were getting.

I don’t know how – but between us we got C’s skirt down, over her knees and off onto the floor. Her foundation garment was still open at the crotch whilst the top was pulled down around her waist– and of course her knickers had gone more than an hour before. In this state, with Sue and me sucking on a breast each - C reached out with both hands, one to each side - and with some help from each of us found my cock and Sue’s pussy.

Once again those manicured, red nail-polished fingers began to do their magic – not only up and down my knob – but also circling Sue’s clit – and slipping gently in and out of her hole which was evidently opening again for business. Meanwhile both Sue and I freed a hand each from being occupied with C’s enormous chest – and traced a route between her legs. There, our fingers both played in and out of her wet sex – going up and down and in and out like a game of tag – always ending back at “home” with two fingers each up her fanny.

In between slurping on her nipple and teasing her between the legs – I finally asked C – if she wanted me to fuck her. My cock was certainly ready for it and by the feel of her pussy – it would be one hell of a ride. She didn’t say anything but nodded her head – and then seemed to have a mini orgasm at the mere thought of what she’d done. Her pussy twitched, her thighs clutched a little and she flushed – so Sue and I gently brought her back down with our fingers between her legs – before I made my next move.

I moved round to the front between C’s legs to kneel on the floor whilst Sue moved away to the side – sitting up at the end of the settee. For the first time C’s enormous jugs lay symmetrically before me – spilling down and over either side of her body. Her nipples were puckered up and taut like corks, almost like little cocks of their own. Her fanny was flooding in anticipation and even as I looked down I could see juices flowing through her lips and forming in drips that fell to the carpet.

I launched myself forward and the tip of my cock pushed open her lips. I continued to move in really slowly – savouring every moment. Every ripple of her hot wet pussy wall ran over the tip of my cock and then down my shaft. I was astonished that given the abuse we had given her fanny with our fingers – it was still quite tight – and she gripped me a little as I withdrew for the second stroke.

It all opened up again just as smoothly with each push I offered. I felt less that I was thrusting from the outside – but like I was being sucked in from the inside. I speeded up as if I had no control over the matter. C’s breasts began to shake and bounce as I slapped forward harder and faster – my motions mirrored in those bouncing mountains of flesh. C’s hands rose to her chest and began squeezing and clutching them – her nipples hard and dark between the gaps of her fingers as she worked and pinched them. My pace rose still further as my cock – wrapped in the velvet oven of C’s twat came to the point of explosion. I started grunting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as C was mouthing “Fuck me ! Fuck me !”.

At this point Sue suddenly threw herself back in to the fray. She leapt forward on to her knees from the end of the settee– rose up and thrust her fanny onto C’s left tit !

She grabbed the whole breast with both hands and pointed the thumb like nipple right at her slit. She then went forward and frantically bounced the breast against her fanny. The flesh shook deliciously whilst the nipple went in between her lips and then rode up over her clit and back down – faster and faster. I was now slapping into C’s thighs as fast as I could. Sue was frigging herself for all she was worth with that incredible nipple inside her – whilst C was gasping and heaving – her hand and fingers clutching and clawing at her other massive jug – heaving on the nipple as if she was trying to pull it off.

Finally – we all came together – I cried out something about bitches, fucking and the almighty. Sue made a final thrust at C’s breast which was now completely soaked with smeared cum juice – squealed and fell backwards – whilst C wrapped her legs behind my back, arched herself forward and made one final forward thrust which brought both her breasts slapping forward into my chest. My cock pumped and spasmed and jerked. C squealed with each thrust – throwing her head from side to side and then fell back.

Then it was all over. We all collapsed into a heap of naked legs, breasts, gaping cunts and subsiding cocks. Wet slimy flesh lay against cushions of white skin in all directions, with little final, uncontrolled thrusting motions from each of us against the other echoing the screaming sex that had just taken place. Juices ran warm then cold down legs and stomachs as we each climbed into each others arms – and just fell asleep.