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Sonic & Tails_(0)

2022-09-26 00:43:20

Note: This is my first time writing and I hope you like it. I'd really like constructive criticism, but blind praise is okay. Please picture these characters as humans with animal ears/tails/hair color, because that's what I intended them to be when I wrote it. Enjoy!!!!

Hello, my name is Miles Prower, but everyone calls me Tails. I know that I look kind of small on screen, but in reality we are all much taller. I am 18, 5' 9 and weigh 128 pounds. I'm kind of skinny and have golden-white hair, but you've seen that. Everyone says we're younger than we really are, but I can't think of why. Maybe it's because no one wants to put this into an anime. I recently realized that I'm gay, and that I have a crush on my best friend Sonic.

Sonic . . . . damn he's hot. His velvety blue hair spikes up all over the place in a way that looks unbelievably gorgeous and sexy. He is 19, 5' 11, weighs roughly 140, and has the best six-pack you've ever seen, even Knuckles is jealous of him. I don't know when it happened, but after spending years by his side, fighting robots, having him snuggling up next to me in my plane, I realized that I was in love with him. This happened a year ago, and now I can't stop thinking about him. He is my role model, my best friend, and my biggest sexual fantasy of all time. A first I jacked off to me doing Cream or something but now all I can think of is Sonic pounding me as fast as he can.

This was the best and worst moment of my life. I felt so happy because me and Sonic felt so . . so right, but I never though he was gay, or even into me for that matter. I mean, he had so many more fan girls than I ever would, and Sonic never gave me any reason to believe he was gay. But one day all my answers came to me from Amy. Amy is really 19, 5 '7, weighs 118 pounds, and has a rack any guy would want, even if it meant came with them. The real reason she was so obsessed with Sonic was that they had a one-night stand an ever since she's been in love with him. One night we (Knuckles, Cream, Shadow, Amy, Sonic, and I) were at a bar buying drinks (we looked like 21 year olds) when Amy started her usual shit about her and Sonic. We could tell that nothing could stop her this time. She had had a couple of drinks and was already upset that some other guy had tried to hit on her and Sonic didn't say anything about it. She was really starting to get into it when she noticed that Sonic wasn't even pretending to listen. Turning, she looked at the table Sonic was glancing at and was shocked to find him glancing at a table mainly consisting of really hot college guys and one or two girls who were definentely less impressive than Amy.

"Are you staring at those guys?!?! Tell me you were just daydreaming, that I checked the wrong table, that I haven't been wasting years of my time on some FUCKING FAG!!" shouted Amy. She was in tears, people were staring, but she didn't care. Amy realized the man she had loved for so long was never going to reciprocate her feelings, and it ruined her. "TELL ME YOU WEREN'T LOOKING THERE SONIC, PLEASE!!" Cream began to pull the sobbing girl out of the bar, but Amy managed to slap Sonic before Cream pulled her out. "I'm sorry . . " mumbled Cream before shoving Amy through the doors. "I HATE YOU, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!"

Everyone in the bar looked uncomfortably at Sonic before returning to their conversations, not wanting to dwell on the rants of a sad, drunken woman. "Um, we should go too" Knuckles muttered. Shadow left a few dollars on the table and said "Good bye Sonic. Sorry about Amy" before he and Knuckles left the bar. We were left sitting in the bar, neither of us talking, before I managed to ask him the one question I wanted to ask him for a year.

"Sonic . . . . are you gay?"

Sonic looked up, sad, and said he was. I was so happy at that moment despite what had just happened. The man I had been pining for, my first gay fantasy, was really gay. As if in a dream, I heard him ask the default question when someone asks if you are gay.

"Tails, are you gay too?"

And I looked back at him and answered in the most confident, assured tone, "Yes Sonic, I'm gay. And I want you"

Sonic looked a bit surprised at me. "Are you serious? I can't act like I had no idea, but I never though you were actually gay." I was genuinely surprised by Sonic's response. I thought I had been a bit obvious about it, or at least somewhat different since I realized I wanted him, but Sonic never believed I wanted him. "Sonic, you have no idea how long I wanted to say that to you, but I never thought you were gay. How long have you known you were . . into men?". I said nervously. "Can we talk in the way home? I don't want to stay here much longer, if that's okay with you." Sonic asked bashfully. I nodded, left a little extra money on the table from what Shadow left and we began heading home.

"So . . how long have you known?" I asked again.

"Ever since last year, when we went to Emerald Beach." I had remembered that vacation very clearly. The six of us went to Emerald Beach to celebrate defeating Chaos. Sonic wore a green speedo the whole time, and I had no idea how I hadn't gotten hard around him the whole vacation. I kept staring at him, and I know he noticed at least once. "You had red trunks that highlighted your cock and I found you and some other guys checking me out. It didn't really bother a lot, and then I realized I was so much more comfortable with strangers - guys who I never met - checking me out than Amy. And that I was more comfortable staring at you than any other slut at Emerald Beach? I spent the rest of the vacation doing some soul-searching and self-realization. I talked to Cream about it and she helped me understand who I really am. She promised not to tell Amy about it, and ever since I knew I was gay." Sonic finished his speech, looking excited. I was clearly the first person he told this to, and he looked so happy to finally tell someone his secret.

Then I got to the really awkward part. "So . . have you . . ever done anything with a guy before?"

"No, I haven't. But tonight I'd be willing to do something with you."

I couldn't believe it. All of my fantasies were coming true, I just couldn't believe it. "We . w-we need to get something for this. P-p-protection! And lube!" I was so excited I was stuttering. "I have all that at our apartment Tails." whispered Sonic in the sexiest voice possible. "Then we should start running, shouldn't we?" I whispered in a voice that attempted to be sexy. "Grab my hand, Tails." Sonic was whispering so quietly it took me a second to understand him. I grabbed his hand tightly and we ran home. It took a few seconds, but I felt the best I had in months just holding Sonic's hand. And in no time we were home.

We quickly walked through the door, through our coats on the ground, and held hands all the way upstairs before we got to Sonic's bedroom. "Before we start I have to do two things Tails. One: Have you ever done anything with anyone before?" I felt kind of embarrassed when I replies no. "That's perfectly fine Tails. Onto number two." And then he kissed me. I kissed back ferociously, passionately, filled with lust and ambition to prove myself again to Sonic. It felt amazing, like electricity was surging into my mouth and throughout my body. Soon we began tounguing each other before Sonic ripped off my shir before removing his own. We continued kissing each other, touching each other's chests before falling onto his bed. As he continued to toungue me I began to move my hands lower and lower down his body until I reached his cock. I heard him moan in pleasure as I massaged his enormous dick, and I felt myself get hard groping him. "Hold on a sec." I whispered to him as I slowly began kissing down his body, gnawing on his neck and cheek.

His body was so muscular, his hairless pecs vibrated as I touched them lightly, kissing and gnawing on them before getting to his nipples. His nipples were so hard and pink, not freakishly pink but a nice, soft pink. And they tasted amazing. I heard Sonic moan louder and louder as I worked in his nipples, first gentley before I started playfully biting and pinching them. I continued my descent down his magnificent body before I reached his cock. Sonic's six-pack felt so tough as I massasged them, and he began moaning louder each second. I could tell he waned me to hurry it up so I quickly continued my was down his body before I finally reached his beautiful cock.

I started licking his bulge, rubbing it, doing everything to tease him before Sonic had me suck his cock. Luckily, I didn't have to wait long. "Ugh . . Tails . . Please suck me . ." Sonic was moaning, trying to stifle it, but it wasn't working. "Alright then, Sonic." I smiled cockily as I unzipped his jeans before I got to his boxers. I took a second to take a deep breathe of his scent before pushing down his boxers and exposing his glorious cock. Sonic was 9 inches long, and about 1.5 inches wide. I was kind of relieved that it wasn't extremely thick, and I always loved really long dicks. Sonic was lying on the bee, trying to stop himself from shoving on his dick, and I was standing over him, taking in every every scene, trying to remember this moment before I started licking his cock.

I started at the head, licking it at the rim and on the slit before I moved my toungue all around his cock like it was a lollipop. It was the best sensation of the night and I knew instantly that it wouldn't end here. Sonic was going crazy, trying not to scream out in delight. I could tell he was enjoying this as much as I was and all I wanted to do was make him feel good. Slowly I began to go down on his cock, taking in about half of it before gagging on it. "Take your time." Sonic said. I could feel that he sincerely didn't want to hurt me, even through oral, and I felt happy. "Trust me Sonic, we're both going to enjoy this."

I began to go down on him again, this time getting more in, but going slower than before. I was getting more and more of him in my mouth, licking him as I went down on him, getting as much of Sonic in my mouth as possible. I could tell from the sounds I heard from Sonic that it was working, and I started going faster on his cock. It was exhilarating as my only desire was to make Sonic feel as good as possible, and I could hear that I was accomplishing this goal. Soon I began tasting per-cum in his mouth and I knew he was close, so I quickly began picking up the pace on his dick, trying to get Sonic to come in my mouth. I heard Sonic tell me he was about to come, but all that did was make me want him even more. I felt him put his hands on my head, pushing me, and I was even more determined to please him. "Sonic, face-fuck me when you get closer." I said this before continuing to blow him with inhuman determination. I was getting close to the hilt when I began to feel him pushing on the back of my head. It was the most erotic feeling I'd ever had, and I allowed him to keep pushing me, shoving me into his pubes. I felt his dick in the back of my throat, and I never wanted it to end. "I'm cumming Tails. I'm cumming I'm cumming I'm cummmaa!!!" Sonic screamed as I felt rope after rope of cum enter my throat. It didn't really have a taste, but I was so in the moment it disn't matter. I swallowed every last drop, leaving only a small drop on my lip. After Sonic finished he pulled me up face-to-face and kissed me, licking the cum off of my face.

"That was the best blowjob I've ever had, Tails. Now I want to make you feel good too." That was all Sonic said before he kissed me again, tounguing me until we were sharing his cum. Sonic began pulling me up closer, reaching down to my cock and unzipping my jeans. I hadn't jerked myself off while I was sucking Sonic and I was so hard I'd cum any minute. I saw a wet stain on the crotch of my jeans and began reaching for my dick. Sonic grabbed my hand to stop me and I realized what he wanted to do. I got up, took off my boxers, and continued making out with Sonic, both of us completely naked. Before long he started motioning for me to move up and I did so, moving my erect cock closer to Sonic's face. My dick was about 7 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, about average size.

Sonic smiled up at me as my cock was at his face. "Do you want me to do this Tails?" he asked. I smiled back at him "Please Sonic, suck my dick." I moaned. "Glad you approve." Sonic joked before swallowing me in one gulp. I screamed in pleasure as Sonic went down on me like a pro. "Hiw the hell are you so good at this? You have to have done this before, Sonic." I was moaning, barely able to speak as he sucked my cock. It was the most blissful feeling I had ever had. In all my fantasies I was just Sonic's fuck toy, never getting low blown, only sucking and getting pounded at supersonic speeds. My cock felt like it was going to explode, but I managed not to cum.

Sonic began massaging my ass cheeks while sucking me, thrusting me towards him on his own as he continuously got all of my cock in his mouth, sending shckwaves of pleasure into my body as he pushed me into his throat. I was moaning with unbelievable joy as Sonic sucked me off, never taking his eyes away from me as he blew me. He was getting to me, I began to cum. "Oh God Sonic, I'm cumminnnggggaaaaa!!!!" I screamed as I came in mouth and watched as he swallowed all of it. I pulled him up and began kissing him passionately, tasting my own cum as we kissed. "That . . was the best . . orgasm . . I've ever had." Sonic smiled at me. "Glas you liked it Tails. Now, we should get some sleep before tomorrow morning." Sonic told me between kisses. "Wait, before we go to be I want you to do something for me." I then turned around, presenting my ass to him. "Sonic, please, fuck me hard. I'm ready for, I've been waiting for it, just do it, please."