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Stacy the Asian pharmacist(fantasy 1)

2022-10-20 00:50:57

Stacy is a young, adorable Vietnamese pharmacist in her late 20's, working at a local community store. It's a warm, early spring morning, and the pharmacy opened yet. She's wearing a beige button-down sweater, short white frilly skirt, and those adorable little black karate slippers which make even guys without foot fetishes take note. As she walks toward the employee entrance, Stacy doesn't notice the black sports car parked among the few other cars nearby. Inside is a customer who's been observing her for a while, and has masturbated daily thinking about Stacy, ever since he first laid eyes on her a month ago. He's become familiar with her schedule, and licks his lips in anticipation as he watches her cute, tight little ass sashay its way inside.

Stacy opens the wraparound pharmacy gate just enough to get inside and set her keys and stuff down on the counter. She's so intent on making sure she shuts off the alarm in time, she doesn't realize her admirer's made his way inside the store and stealthily slipped past the gate...he's now inside the pharmacy, and no one knows he's there(it's too early for security to be in the store, so no one's watching the monitors).

"Hey, beautiful."

Stacy lets out a little gasp as she turns at the sound of the voice; this big, dark haired, fairly well-built white guy has seriously startled her. She tells him that customers aren't allowed on this side of the gate and that the pharmacy's not open yet. A little trepidatiously, she asks if she can do something to help him. Licking his lips and smiling, he says there is, and begins unzipping his pants. Instantly, Stacy realizes what he's got on his mind, but instead of screaming for help, she tries to run past him--not realizing there's not enough space between him and the medicine counters to slip by. With the mildest of sidesteps, he blocks her path even as he throws an arm around her little waist. "That's it, come to Daddy!" he says playfully, as if talking to a child, and pulls her to him.

Stacy puts her hands to his chest, trying to push him away, but he's too big and strong...he grabs her by the shoulders and leans in, planting his lips harshly against hers, and as she opens her mouth to protest, his thick tongue quickly slips in, overwhelming hers...Stacy's moans of disgust and shock actually turning him on, which she can tell as the bulging hard-on in his pants briefly rubs against her skirt-covered pussy. As she keeps trying to push him off, his powerful hands lift her partway off her feet and he wraps one arm around her tiny waist again as he sweeps Stacy's entire body around toward the drive-thru window, where customers in a rush come to pick up their pre-ordered scripts. Stacy barely realizes that her tongue has submitted to his, as his lays on top of hers, the two now rubbing lightly against each other.

As he finally pulls his mouth away from, Stacy reflexively licks her smeared lip gloss. "No, stop--" is all she's able to get out before he spins her around so that she's facing the window and he presses his body against hers, his weight pinning her firmly against the counter as his right arm snakes under her right armpit and upward, the hand slapping across her mouth, covering it firmly. Stacy tries her damndest to kick away from the counter to push him off, but she can't get any traction in her slippers and the weight of both bodies keeps her arms pinned against the counter, upon which her little B-cup breasts rest comfortably. Stacy hears the sound of fabric rustling, and realizes he's pulled out his cock as it momentarily brushes against her left leg, leaving a small trail of precum. Her cries become more frantic under his hand, rising in volume...that is, until his left hand snaps sharply against her skirt-covered buttocks, startling Stacy into silence and producing unexpected tears, which begin to run down her face.

He reaches under Stacy's skirt, roughly pulling her white silk panties down to a point just about mid-thigh. She never could have seen anything like this coming, especially in broad daylight in her own store--! She manages to bring both hands up from under their crunching position to try and pull his hand away from her mouth, but weight shift pushes her taut, toned stomach harshly against the counter, knocking the wind out of her. His left hand grabs her left leg, but it's hopeless to fight, pinned as she is; he raises Stacy's leg, bending it back around his waist, and she can feel her surprisingly warm pussy open just slightly, then abruptly spread much wider as his large, thick white cock pushes its way inside.

Stacy half-moans/half-screams into his hand; the shock of entry only emphasizing her stunned amazement at actually finding being forcefully taken like this to be somewhat pleasureful!! Her eyes close as she tries to focus on her husband, her parents, her kids, to mentally escape this moment...but as his cock enters all the way, filling Stacy's tight Asian snatch completely, she can't help but feel embarrassed and somewhat ashamed as she lets out an uncontrolled moan of pleasure into her attacker's hand.

From the position she's in, she can't see his face, but can feel he's smiling as he kisses her temple and whispers into her ear, "I knew you'd love it!" It actually feels as if his cock has grown more erect and thicker at the acknowledgement of her unwitting passion for his forced entry, and as he holds her leg bent around his waist and Stacy looks out the drive-thru window--where absolutely anyone could see the two of them if they chose to come by for a prescription--the thrill of helplessly contributing to someone else's voyeurism and the feel of his thick cock prods her to start moving her hips in unision with his as he begins to thrust inside her, this strange and unknown meat massaging the walls of Stacy's vagina, which lubricates obediently to allow for easier entry. Her tears slowly stop as her moans become lighter, more relaxed. He blows in Stacy's ear as if he were her proper lover, and his fingers part slightly around her mouth, confident as he is in the belief that he now owns her...a belief which she personally knows to be fact.

As Stacy moans and his cock slides in and out, he tentatively slips one of his fingers into her mouth, and one of her hands reaches up, rubbing the outside of his palm as she sucks on the digit, "mmmmm"s escaping her throat. He begins thrusting with more passion, harder and harder as his other hand comes up, unbuttoning Stacy's sweater and reaching underneath her bra to hold and fondle one of her baby tits. She moans again, submitting fully now as his cock pushes deeper inside her, the tip bending up and to the left to find her G-spot in such quick fashion that Stacy could swear her attacker fucks like this for a living...a living he should be well-paid at, by her estimation.

He fucks her in this position for a good twenty minutes, until finally Stacy can feel his cock building up for release even as her well-lubed pussy threatens to give up its goods. He reluctantly slips his finger out from between her lips, and this time as his hand covers her mouth, it does so gently...yet just firmly enough to muffle Stacy's cries of orgasm as she cums hard, her glistening pussy juice covering his cock, which blasts a powerful load of sperm inside of her! He keeps his face pressed against her ear as he grunts quietly into it, the shuddering thrill of the sensation turning them both on so much that they simultaneously cum together once more, bodies shaking with the release of his seed into her now-willing Asian pussy!

Finally, as they collapse against the counter, Stacy goes weak in the knees, but her attacker grabs her slender waist, holding her up even as he tenderly kisses Stacy's ear and cheek. She sighs in surprisingly forlorn disappointment now as he gently pulls out. As he steps back, she turns around and looks at him in wonder. "What's your name?"

"No names, baby," he says and lays a gentle kiss upon her lips, which she now eagerly returns. He asks when's the next time she opens the pharmacy by yourself, and Stacy quickly grabs a pen and piece of paper, and writes down her schedule for the entire week. He's about to put his monster away, but Stacy asks him to wait just a moment. Wrapping her slender fingers around his cock, she leads him away from the window and to the back of the shelves, where no one can see. Kneeling down, she takes his cock between her thin, sensual lips and gives him one hell of a serious blowjob as a "thank you". After he's come down Stacy's throat(she swallowed like a champ!) and she's finished, they share one more kiss before he puts his dick away and she pulls her panties up. He asks when she'd like him to stop by again, and with a sly smile Stacy says:

"Surprise me..."