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The Futa Fairy - Futa's Forbidden Wish Chapter 1: Keily's Futa Gift

2022-09-24 00:19:19

The Futa Fairy – Futa Forbidden Wish
Chapter One: Keily's Futa Gift
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

November was my favorite month of the year. And even though it was cold standing out on the street waiting for the city bus to take us to Washington College, I didn't care. Two weeks ago, on November 3rd, I turned nineteen. Until December 6th, I was the same age as my older sister Deidre. A month of not being younger than her. Technically. And now I had another reason to love November. The days were so short.

The sun hadn't even risen as we shivered on the street, our cheeks as rosy as our hair.

My older sister Deidre, the love of my life, had bright-red hair. It would glow in the sunlight, and even in the predawn gloom, it had a vibrancy about it, a fire that no darkness could wholly smother. Her blue eyes twinkled as she shifted her hips, the front of her skirt bulging with my favorite thing in the world: her futa-cock.

At the start of summer vacation, my sister made a wish to the futa-fairy to grow a cock so she could make love to me. I would never forget that night. It burned with such a zesty freshness in my mind waking up to Keily pressing her cock against my virgin pussy. The shock that my older sister had a dick made me tremble.

And then she thrust, popping my cherry.

My hot pussy clenched down hard on her futa-dick. My eyes rolled back into my head. I groaned and gasped, my thighs clamping down on her waist. Her girl-cock slid into my virgin depths, ripping through my hymen with ease. Such rapture shuddered through me.

I came so hard on her dick.

Then she flooded me with her hot cum. My naughty pussy milked her. And our love, simmering between the two of us, exploding with incestuous passion. We both gasped and moaned, making love over and over.

And then the sun rose and her dick vanished.

And this is the second reason I loved November now. Because the shorter the days became, the more time I had to play with her futa-dick. I licked my lips, staring at her shaft tenting the front of her skirt, still hard despite our mother sucking Deidre off before she went off to work, something she only had to do on Friday's.

“What?” Deidre asked, cars driving past us on 112th Street.

“Just staring at that yummy cock,” I purred, licking my lips. Even with her sweater on, her curvy body was so apparent. She wasn't a slim, petite girl like I was. My futa-sister had curves.

“Oh, yeah?” Deidre asked. “You thinking about doing something about it?”

“You daring me to?” I moaned, not caring that cars passed. Thanks to the last few months, and the naughty antics of the two futa-cheerleaders plus Ms. Marcie, the futa-teacher, I knew we wouldn't get in any trouble. Everyone at college now knew we dated, and no one cared that we were sisters fucking each other.

There were a few sisters doing that now. Plus Ms. Marcie loved to fuck her daughter during class when she wasn't fucking one of us.

“Yeah, I dare you to suck my cock and let me cum all over your face,” grinned Deidre. “Right here. But you'll have to work hard to keep my cock warm.”

“Mmm, my mouth will do it.” My pussy clenched, my breath fogging the air before me.

“Better hurry. Sunrise isn't that far off.”

I fell to my knees before my sister, feeling the icy cold bleeding through my tights. I thrust up her long skirt. She wore thick, white tights beneath, you had to when wearing a skirt in this weather. My pussy clenched, soaking my pink tights. Like my sister, I didn't bother with panties any longer.

I hauled down her tights. She gasped, her futa-dick meeting contact with the frigid air. My hands grasped her dick, clad in my thin, woolly gloves. I opened my mouth and inhaled her girl-cock as a car passed, headlights illuminating me. My auburn hair glowed at the edges of my vision, spilling about my face as I bobbed.

“Oh, yes, my little sister is such a horny slut for my girl-dick,” Deidre moaned. “Mmm, I love it.”

So did I.

It made my pussy so hot to blow her out on the street, to let the world see that I loved my sister. Incest was so hot. My mouth bobbed as I stroked my woolly glove up and down her girl-dick, my mouth sucking, nursing on her dick.

Her salty precum flowed. I savored it staining my tongue. I swirled it around her throbbing crown, making her gasp, great explosions of frosty air bursting from her mouth. Steam rose from her forehead as her face grew flushed.

Her gloved hands seized my auburn hair, her hips bucking forward, thrusting her cock deeper into my warm mouth. I sucked so hard, giving her the pleasure she craved. My pussy grew hotter and hotter, demanding attention.

I pinned my left hand with my right arm and side, peeling off my glove. The cold hit my fingers. But only for a moment because I hiked up my skirt and plunged my digits down my tights, brushing my curly pubic hair before finding the hot lips of my pussy.

“Yes, yes, masturbate that hot cunt, you little slut,” she groaned. “Oh, yes, you're such a whore. Mmm, I love it. My little sister is such a whore for my dick.”

My mouth sucked harder, nursing on her dick. Drool dribbled down my chin as her precum coated my mouth.

“Oh, yes, Keily, I love you so much. I'm going to pump your stomach full of my futa-cum. Send you to class with jizz on your breath.”

I sucked with all my might, my fingers rubbing at my hot pussy. My juices coated my digits, slicking them to glide through my folds. I brushed my clit, sending hot shudders through my body. Behind me, cars drove past, whipping of freezing winds to blow around us.

Keily was so lucky. I wanted to be a futa so badly. I would fuck my sister and our mother all the time. We could love her together. Then I could breed my big sister like she was trying to breed me. I hoped this time she did it. Only two weeks until my period.

We were on the same cycle. If I grew a dick today, I could breed her, too.

“Oh, my god,” groaned Deidre. “That's it, Keily. Oh, wow, you are sucking so hard. What did you just think of?”

Something so naughty.

My fingers danced through my pussy, plunging over and over into my hot depths. My cheeks hollowed as I bobbed my mouth on my sister's girl-dick. I squirmed, my clit throbbing as the heel of my hand ground on it, shooting delight through my body.

“I'm going to cum,” gasped Deidre. “Oh, Keily, you naughty slut. Let me cum all over that face. I want you to wear my jizz to college! Let everyone know you're my girlfriend! My little sister is my girlfriend!”

I ripped her cock out of my mouth, my woolly glove stroking up and down her dick. The rough cloth brushed her sensitive tip, dripping with my saliva. She gasped, bucked, her round tits bouncing beneath her sweater.

Hot jizz spurted from her girl-dick.

At the first splash of futa-cum on my face, my pussy clenched on my fingers. My orgasm exploded through me. My clit throbbed as I stroked her dick, moving her cock, painting her cum across my face. She drenched every bit of my flesh. Her cum glistened on me. I shivered and shuddered, pleasure racing through me.

Air breaks groaned as the bus approached.

“Yes, yes, yes,” hissed Deidre. “Oh, I'm drenching your face.”

Cum splashed in my mouth, so wonderfully salty. More dribbled down my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. I felt it mat down my hair at the peak of my forehead. More spunk ran in hot rivulets across my face, racing for my neck.

“I love it,” I howled, my orgasm peaking, my body shuddering. “I love you, Deidre!”

“Love you, my slutty little sister,” she purred as I squeezed out the last drop of cum on my tongue.

The bus doors opened behind me.

I groaned, pulling my fingers out of my spasming pussy, my orgasm dying into buzzing delight. I grinned at the bus driver as I turned around, loving the spunk painted on my face. I boarded the bus, letting everyone witness my sister's spunk dribbling down my face.

“Hot,” a classmate groaned.

“I wish my sister was a futa,” another moaned.

“It's the best,” I sighed, slipping into a seat, Deidre sitting right beside me.

She leaned over and lapped her own spunk off my chin, drawing her tongue up to my lips. As we kissed, the bus pulled away from the curb. I groaned, swapping my jizz back and forth with her as I trembled in ecstatic delight.

I so wanted to be a futa. Almost every girl in our college did, too. No one knew how the futa-fairies made their selections. There was my sister, and then Kimmie and Cassie on the cheer squad, though Cassie joined because she was a futa. Ms. Marcie, the professor of my second class, had also became a futa. Plus my friends Amber, Rita, and Yunjin all had mothers who became futas. Some of them were futas during the day, like Ms. Marcie, and others were futas at night, like my sister and the cheerleaders.

No one knew why scavenger save we all lived in Parkland.

I quivered and groaned on the short bus ride to our college. Deidre licked me clean of every drop of futa-cum she splashed on my face, sharing it with me while the other girls cooed in envy at me. Well, not dark-skinned Pattie.

Her mother, Dr. Rita, always sent her to college with a pussy full of futa-cum. Pattie then let a lucky girl lick her pussy clean in the bathroom before classes started. There'd be a line of hopefuls each eager to clean her up, just to get a taste of the futa-passion.

Just as the bus reached our college, sunrise hit. My sister gasped beside me, trembling and then groaning as the delicious bulge vanished from beneath her skirt, her cock shrinking back to a little clit. But I still loved her anyways.

It was fun licking just her pussy, too.

“Have a good day at classes,” Deidre said. She was a sophomore, while I was only a lowly freshman, so she had different classes than me.

“Enjoy your day.”

She caught me in a hug and gave me the hottest kiss too sisters could share, seasoned by her futa-cum. Then she broke it and strolled away. I shivered, smoothing my skirt then beaming as Belinda, Ms. Marcie's daughter, walked up, waving.

“Look at how many girls are lining up for Pattie today,” Belinda said, a busty girl with brown hair in pigtails. She was my age, but she was more developed than my sister.

“Yeah, there's a few senior girls in there,” I giggled. “Lucky me I don't have to wait in line.”

Belinda leaned over and licked up an errant line of cum off my neck, sending a shiver down to my pussy. “No, you don't. I can't wait for summer vacation. Mom, with her cock for sixteen hours a day... Ooh, I will be fucked so much.”

“Your mother will have to hold parties for her students,” I told her when my cell phone chirped.

Belinda nodded her head. “Absolutely.”

I pulled out my phone, frowning at the next message. I didn't recognize the number that sent it. I opened it and ice-blue snowflakes swirled down across my phone before the actual message appeared in a bright-blue font.

“Never seen a text message do that,” I said, hoping it wasn't a virus. I heard smartphones could be infected with those like a computer.

Oh, I really felt that orgasm, Keily. It made my pussy so hot and wet.

So don't you worry your hot, little cunt. I will make it happen. I will make sure you fuck your sister with your own futa-dick. And breed her. You'll both be pregnant at the same time. I promise you. Expect me real soon. I'm going to take you so hard.

Oooh, incest is the best!


Esq. of Winter

My jaw dropped. “No way!”

Belinda blinked at me, leaning close to peer at my screen. “What?”

“This is it!” I gasped. “This is the other fairy. The one who made your mom into a futa.”

My friend furrowed her brow, reading the screen. Her jaw dropped. “No way! That is it. Mom showed me the message. Oh, my god, the futa-fairy is going to visit you.”

“I'm going to be a futa!” I exclaimed, bouncing at the college's entrance. I wouldn't be a futa at the same time as my sister, but I would still be able to fuck her and breed her. B even promised we'd be pregnant together. “This is awesome.”

“How did you do it?” demanded Belinda. “I've been wanting this so badly. I love my mom's cock, but I want to fuck her, too. I want to feel her tits sliding about my girl-dick. She loves mine.” My friend squeezed her big breasts through her blouse, her nipples poking at the material. “Please, tell me.”

“I have no idea,” I groaned. “I was just thinking about it while sucking off my sister waiting for the city bus.”

“I think about becoming a futa when sucking off my mom all the time,” groaned Belinda.

“Sorry,” I said. And I was. I wanted her to become a futa, too. But that wouldn't diminish my excitement. The futa-fairy was coming. For me!

I squirmed when I reached my first class, boring history taught by boring Professor Culvert. I couldn't focus at all, my pussy soaking my tights. I felt the stretchy material drink in my pussy juices with such an absorbent hunger while I squirmed and wiggled on the chair, my face burning so bright with eager need.

I pictured my futa-cock thrusting from my pussy's folds, spreading my tight lips apart and bouncing before me. I wondered what it would feel like. Deidre tried to describe it, but she never quite could explain what it felt like cumming with a cock.

“It's just this powerful rush. First there's this aching needed, like having an itching pussy, but it's concentrated at the tip of my dick. And then when I cum, that pressure explodes out of my dick. It's so awesome. I just spasm and moan. And my pussy joins the fun, giving me that treat you're more familiar with.”

I tried to pay attention to the lecture, but I didn't care about Reconstruction after the Civil War. My eyes glazed over as he drowned on and on. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. I wanted to masturbate, but without my futa-sister around, I'd just get in trouble.

I squeezed my thighs so tight, trying to take pressure off my clit.

I let out little whimpers.

“Keily, do you need to use the bathroom?” Professor Culvert asked near the middle of the lesson.

“Yes!” I hissed, hopping to my feet. “Thank you very much, sir!”

I darted out of the classroom, shoes squeaking on the linoleum. I burst into the hallway, racing for the nearest bathroom. If anyone stood in my way, I would have bowled them over. A hot pussy was coming through and nothing would stop it.

I crashed through the bathroom door, already pulling down my tights before I reached the first stall. I hobbled the last few feet, the tights banding around my ankles. I held up my skirt, cool air wafting around my pussy, and sat down on the toilet seat.

I didn't even close the stall door.

I shoved my hands between my thighs, brushing the thin wisps of bright-red hair adorning my juicy pussy. I closed my eyes, imagining my clit turned into a huge dick. A clit-dick. It thrust majestically from my crotch, quivering with excitement to fuck my sister so badly. To just ram my cock home and make her squeal on it.

My fingers found my clit, massaging the little bud. I whimpered, my pussy clenching. In moments, my feet drummed on the floor. Rapture shot through my body, juices squirting out of my cunt and splashing in the toilet.

“Holy fucking wow!” I howled, bucking, heat filling my body, euphoria making me dizzy. I came so fast. Just a few touches, and I exploded. I couldn't believe it. “Oh, yes, I needed that.”

I slumped back against the metal plumbing of the toilet, not caring that it dug into my back, and panted. My eyes fluttered. My small breasts rose and fell, poking at my sweater. Without a bra on, the material itched and scratched my sensitive nubs.

I loved it.

“Oh, B, you have to come so soon,” I moaned as I shuddered a final time.

With great reluctance, I pulled up my tights and licked my tangy juices off my fingers. I tottered out of the stall to the sinks, splashing cold water on my face. Then I headed back to class, buzzing, some of the tension released from my orgasm.

But not enough.

Oh, no, I squirmed through the second half of Professor Culvert's lecture on Reconstruction. God, it was the most boring, tedious stuff. Who cared about stuff that happened over a hundred years ago? They didn't even have the internet back then. None of it mattered in modern times.

Especially when I had a date with the futa-fairy. Soon I'd have a big, throbbing girl-dick to fuck my sister, my mom, and my friends. I'd have so much fun with my clit-dick. Every girl in school would be after me.

But I'd always save a load for my Deidre.

I slouched off to Ms. Marcie's class not long after. When I walked into the futa-teacher's room, my back straightened. It was hard not to when you came face-to-face with a futanari. The air hummed around them. And she was gorgeous, a busty MILF whose blouse barely constrained those big, lush tits of hers. They wanted to spill out before my face. She had on thigh-high stockings, her dark skirt so short the tops flashed.

And her skirt bulged with her futa-dick.

“Hello, Keily,” she purred.

“Hello, Ms. Marcie,” I greeted my English teacher. Only the girls called her Ms. Marcie. The boys called her Professor Baumgartner if they spoke to her at all. They always went to the back of the classroom to study silently. Ms. Marcie's lessons were not for them, but for us girls.

I found my seat in the second row, squirming, my pussy on fire. Juices flooded out of me. I just dripped in anticipation of my futa-cock. I glanced at the clock, groaning at how only an hour had passed since the text.

“Come on, show up,” I groaned.

“Well, what at lovely day we're having,” Ms. Marcie said. “I hope you all did your homework. I want poems of such erotic, lesbian passion that they make me quiver, girls.”

“Yes, Ms. Marcie,” we all purred. I reached into my schoolbag, hauling out my homework and setting it on the desk.

The boys in the back just read silently. They ignored the real fun happening up front. The futa-fairies' magic was amazing.

“Jamie Miller, come and read yours,” Ms. Marcie purred as I kept squirming, biting my lips, my pussy so on fire.

“Yes, Ms. Marcie,” Jamie said, a short girl who had a face that reminded me of a pixie, framed by her short, brown hair. She held her poem in her hands, her cheeks pink, her nipples pressing at the front of her white, schoolgirl blouse. Tartan skirts swirled about her thighs.

Many of the girls dressed to please Ms. Marcie. She had a schoolgirl fetish.

I struggled to listen, to pay attention, but my pussy was so hot. When would B get here? I rubbed my pussy into my thighs as I ground on my seat, growing so desperately horny again as I pictured having my girl-dick.

“Looks like someone has a hot little cunt,” purred Ms. Marcie from behind me.

“Yes, Ms. Marcie,” I groaned. “I'm trying to pay attention, but I'm just so horny.”

“Mmm, why don't you kneel on your seat, and I'll take care of you.”

My pussy clenched. “Yes, Ms. Marcie.”

I obeyed, folding my legs beneath me and kneeling on my desk. I leaned over it, my ass resting on the top of my seat. Ms. Marcie rubbed her bulging crotch against my butt. I shivered, so eager to have my own dick.

When would B come? Unless it was a prank. It better not be!

“Has your sister bred you yet?” asked Ms. Marcie, her hands lifting my skirt.

“No, Ms. Marcie,” I groaned. “My period won't come for another two weeks.”

“So you're at the height of your fertility.” The futa-teacher shuddered, her fingers hooking the waistband of my panties. “Then I won't rob that treat from your sister.”

“Like you robbed Officer Cindy's treat of popping her daughter's cherry?” I giggled, my panties sliding down my butt, exposing my cheeks to my teacher's lusty gaze.

“Ooh, you are a naughty one brining that up,” groaned Ms. Marcie, her hands gripping my asscheeks, spreading them apart. “I'm going to bugger you so hard.”

I purred, staring up at Jamie as she finished her poem. Another girl took her place, her words serenading the naughty delight Ms. Marcie gave me. I shuddered, the futa-teacher's cock spilling out of her skirt, smacking between my butt-cheeks. She drew back her hips, dragging the throbbing tip of her cock through my butt-cheeks, smearing precum on its journey down to my asshole.

I trembled, licking my lips, so eager to be penetrated. I wiggled and groaned, my asshole tingling as I felt that big futa-dick pressing at it. Ms. Marcie gripped my hips, putting pressure on my naughty sphincter.

It widened and swallowed her dick.

“Ms. Marcie,” I whimpered.

“Such a tight ass, Keily,” groaned Ms. Marcie. “Let's see if you can get an A in anal.”

“There's always an A in anal,” I giggled. “Two of them.”

“Glad you can spell a four letter word,” my teacher panted, her girl-cock sliding deeper and deeper into my bowels. “I'm glad public education wasn't entirely wasted on you.”

I only groaned, her huge dick sliding deeper and deeper into me. She felt as big as my sister's cock, but it was hard to say for sure. I wish I could have them both in me at the same time, but that was so impossible.

Ms. Marcie moaned when she bottomed out in me, her brown bush tickling my asscheeks. I squirmed my hips, my pussy clenching as I giggled. Liked the feel of a futa's pubic hair on my rump when they buggered me.

“Now fuck me,” I groaned.

“Such an aggressive student,” Ms. Marcie groaned. “You are so bold today, Keily.”

“I got the text,” I panted, squeezing my bowels on her dick as she drew back.

“From B?”

I nodded my head, letting out a whimper. Her cock felt so amazing in me. My bowels felt emptier and emptier until only the tip of her girl-dick remained in me. Then she rammed it into my depths again, her ticklish bush brushing my butt-cheeks.

“Oh, that's wonderful, Keily,” she panted. “The fun we're going to have in second period.”

I nodded my head, wiggling my hips and stirring her dick around inside of me as she drew back again. She rammed it back into my depths. Pleasure rippled through my body. My head snapped up. My moans echoed through the classroom. I let out such whimpering rapture, my eyes rolling back into my head.

She pumped her hips in and out of my bowels. She reamed me so hard. She rammed her cock into the depths of my asshole. She filled me to the brim with such amazing rapture. My eyes rolled back into my head as I whimpered.

“Oh, Ms. Marcie,” I panted. “Fuck my tight, underage ass. You're such a naughty teacher.”

“I am,” she panted. “Ooh, yes, I'm going to dump so much cum into your little asshole. You want it, don't you?”

“I do!” I groaned.

“Oh, the fun we will have. You'll be my special assistant, won't you?”

“I will!” I gasped. “I can't wait.”

She thrust harder into me. My pussy ached and throbbed. Juices flooded down my thighs to my tights bunched around my legs. I shivered, my desk creaking, rocking as she fucked me. The next girl, Cathy, read her poem. She fingered her cunt as she did, staring at us.

The other girls were sliding their panties down their thighs, throwing legs over their desks, skirts exposing pussies adorned with bushes or shaved bald. They fingered themselves, listening to the poems and watching our futa-teacher fuck my asshole.

“Ms. Marcie!” I squealed when her hand shot around my waist and dived between my thighs. “Yes, yes, yes!”

She rubbed my clit, massaging it hard. She caressed it, making me tremble. My eyes rolled back into my head. Sparks flew from my bud, landing in the delight gathering in my pussy. My orgasm built and built. My eyes rolled back into my head.

“Ms. Marcie!” I squeaked over and over.

“You're going to cum so hard, aren't you, little slut?” she hissed, massaging my bud with her fingers.”

“I am!”

My clit drank in her massaging fingers, my asshole burning from the friction of her thrusting dick. My eyes widened. My entire body trembled. I gripped the edge of my desk, holding onto it as my orgasm swelled and swelled.

I came.

I screamed out in rapture. My passion echoed through the classroom. Girls moaned around me, staring at me, licking their lips in envy as I came on our futa-teacher's big dick. My asshole writhed about her plunging cock while juices flooded out of my spasming cunt.

Waves of rapture washed hot through my body. Every thrust of her futa-dick into my pussy had me trembling. I groaned and gasped. My eyes rolled back into my head. I spasmed, drinking in the rapture with such delight. It burned through me. I groaned, quivering.

“Ms. Marcie!”

“Oh, yes, such a cute whore,” she groaned, thrusting hard, her bush tickling my asscheeks over and over as I convulsed, my orgasm racing through me. “You'll be such a naughty futa!”

“I will be!” I howled, my back arching, my asshole convulsing harder about her cock.

Another orgasm ravaged my body.

My eyes fluttered. Stars exploded across my vision. My pleasure swelled and swelled. The rapture peaking in me. I held there, on the cusp of my powerful orgasm. The darkness swallowed my vision as ecstasy burned in my mind.

Hot cum flooded my ass.

“You naughty schoolgirl-slut!” Ms. Marcie howled as she pumped my asshole full of my jizz.

My third orgasm crashed into my mind.

I slumped onto my desk. The darkness embraced me. Rapture pulled me down and down and down.

I lay there dazed, barely aware of my body. Of the cock filling my asshole with girl-spunk. And then the cock in my ass vanished. The desk beneath me became so cold. I blinked my eyes, groaning and squirming.

I stared at a surface of ice. My desk slick as glass and frigid. But I didn't shiver.

I sat up, still kneeling on my seats, my shins feeling the cold. My little breasts quivered before me. I gaped at my naked breasts and then at Ms. Marcie's classroom. Ice covered everything. No, it made up everything, right down to the flyers pinned to the cork board with thumbtacks made of frozen water.

My head whipped around. My classmates, even Ms. Marcie, were gone. My asshole felt so empty. I didn't even have cum in me.

“What's going on?”

“I thought you would have figured it out, Kylie,” a voice purred.

Perched on Ms. Marcie's desk was a busty, mature woman, her body all curves, violet hair framing a hungry face. A huge cock thrust up from her sleek, folded legs. Her pillowy breasts jiggled with her slightest movement. Wings rose above her shoulders, transparent like a dragonfly's.

“You're...” My words trailed off as I stared into her silver eyes.

Ancient eyes.

They dwarfed me. Once, I went to New York City. I stood beneath the Empire State Building, this huge monolith rising so high above me I had to crane my neck to stare up to it's top. I felt like a little incest before it.

The age of eyes made the Empire State Building feel like a little toothpick and me... A single atom. No, a subatomic particle. Something as tiny as possible.

I shook my head. My enthusiasm returned, my pussy clenching. “You're going to make me a futa like my older sister!”

“Not quite like your older sister,” the futa-fairy purred, her wings fluttering behind her. They shimmered like the Aurora Borealis dancing in the skies. “Ooh, this will make the summer slut so mad.”

“Summer...slut?” I frowned.

“Do not worry, Keily.” Her wings hummed and she lifted with grace off the desk and landed before it. Her hips swayed, her breasts and hard dick bouncing before her, as she walked to me. “What matters is our pact. I'll make you into a futa, let your breed our sister, and make sure she breeds you. Then you just owe me a teeny, tiny favor.”

“Yes!” I gasped, bouncing on my knees, my hands gripping the icy desk. “Fuck me! Deidre told me that much. Fuck me with that big futa-cock!”

“You are just so eager for it,” laughed the futa-fairy.

“Please, B, I need it so badly.” I let out a whimper. Then blinked. “Why is the other fairy called Leanan Sidhe, but you're just B?”

“Bean Sidhe,” she said, the words sounding musical. “But that's such an old-fashion name. I like to stay modern. I even have an iPhone.” She winked at me.

I giggled. “I want one, but I only have a Galaxy S5. Same phone as my sister. Our mother got us them on sale or something.”

“Well, does the type of cell phone really matter when you're about to get a big, throbbing futa-cock?”

I shook my head.

“Mmm, good,” B purred, grabbing cupping my face. “Ooh, we are going to have so much fun, aren't we?”

I nodded my head.

“You have so much energy. I bet you would love to ride my cock?”

My pussy clenched. I stared down at it. Would a futa-fairy's dick feel different from a human futa's? I wanted to find out.

B laughed, her voice musical and rich. She sank down onto the icy floor of the classroom, nudging Jamie Miller's desk out of the way. It glided with ease on the slick surface. Her wings spread out as she wiggled on her back, her legs slightly parted, revealing her purple bush adorning her thighs.

“Do you dye your hair or is natural?” I asked, sliding off my desk. Though the icy floor felt slick, I had no problem moving on it.

“It's natural,” B laughed. “So inquisitive.”

“And why do I only get my cock during the day? And why my sister gets hers at night?”

“Oh, why do you think?”

I shrugged, straddling her thighs. I grabbed her big futa-dick, stroking it in my hand. I brought it to my pussy lips, rubbing it up and down my snatch. “If I knew, I wouldn't ask.”

“And what will you give me for this information?” she asked, arching a violet eyebrow.

“I'll give you a kiss.”

“Just one?”

“Three,” I grinned, licking my lips. “I'm a good kisser.”

“For three kisses then,” she purred, puckering her lips.

I leaned down her body, pressing my budding breasts into her big, pillowy tits. I squirmed, still holding the tip of her dick against my pussy as I planted my lips on her mouth. The first one a quick peck, the second one longer, with a little bit of nibbling on her lower lip.

“These aren't impressive kisses,” B purred. “Did you cheat me?”

I grinned and claimed her lips for the last kiss. I shuddered, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. She tasted so sweet. Her body trembled beneath me as our tongues caressed each other. I moved my mouth, shifting my head, niggling, kissing, exploring. I put my all into it, everything I'd learned from Mom and Deidre.

“There,” I proclaimed, breaking the kiss. “Three kisses.”

B laughed. “Three kisses.” Her hands squeezed my ass. “Okay, my little inquisitive slut, all magic comes with a cost.”

“Like in Once Upon a Time. They say that all the time.”

“That show is based on fairy tales. And those are based on us.” B giggled. “So our magic has a cost. They often cause bad things to happen to the person we enchant. Misfortune, tragedy, etc.”

I shivered.

“But giving futa-cocks, well, that's a curse. The thing is, human females love it. So suddenly we're able to give gifts to women, make them our patrons, without the bad things happening. Because the futa-cock is the bad thing.”

“No it's not. It's the good thing.”

“Well, in these modern times. But centuries ago, it wasn't seen that way. But this lets us make deals without the consequences.” She gave a wicked grin. “Us fairies have even...adopted them.”

I grinned at that. Then another question popped into my head. “So why do the dicks only stick around for half a day?”

“Between sunrise and sunset,” she corrected. “When the sun rises or sets, a great deal of energy washes through the world. It disrupts enchantments and powers them. If I gave you a blessing, it would last the night, since I'm from Winter and nights are longer during our season. But since this is a curse—”

“It's reversed. I get my cock in the day, and my sister, who got hers from Summer, gets hers at night.”

“Yep. Like any good curse, it has its rules.” B squeezed my ass. “Now why don't we seal our pact and get you your cock?”

“Yes!” I hissed, sliding my pussy down her cock. But I froze halfway. “Wait, will you make me pregnant?”

“This will not interfere with you and your sister's fertility plans. Enjoy yourself, Keily.”

“Yes!” I howled.

I bolted upright, impaling myself down her futa-cock in the process. I let out a whimpering moan. My pussy gripped her girl-dick, drinking in the pleasure of it. I bottomed out on her, grinding my clit into her pubic mound.

I grinned at her. Then rode her hard.

The futa-fairy moaned, her tits jiggling, as I bounced up and down on her dick. My knees pumped, working my pussy on her futa-cock. Pleasure roared through my snatch, her shaft reaching so deep into me.

I gasped, realizing her cock was so cold it burned me. I loved it. My snatch clenched on hers as I swiveled my hips, stirring her through me. Pleasure raced through my body, my head tossing back and forth, my auburn pigtails flying.

“Oh, yes, my sweet Keily, fuck that hot cunt up and down my dick. Mmm, you are a wild one. Your sister is a lucky futa to feel this pussy on her dick.”

“She'll be even luckier when she gets to feel my cock fucking her snatch!” I moaned, my hands seizing the futa-fairy's big, pillowy breasts.

“Yes, she shall,” groaned the futa, her hands sliding up my body, cupping my budding mounds. She rubbed my nipples.

Pleasure shot down to my pussy.

I clenched down on her huge girl-dick as I slammed down her shaft. I groaned, ripples of delight washing through my body. I squeezed her big tits hard as I worked my pussy up and down her dick, my orgasm building and building in her.

My fingers found her fat nipples. I squeezed them, tugged on them, stretching out those big, pillowy tits. She gasped, fingers pinching my own nubs. My back arched, both of us crying out our pleasure as we abused each other's nipples.

“Oh, B, yes!” I hissed. “That makes my pussy so wet and hot. Ooh, I'm going to cum so hard.”

“Do it, you little slut,” she moaned. “Let me feel that hot cunt spasming on my cock. I'm going to flood you with futa cream.”

“You will!” I moaned, my head arching.

She twisted and played with my nipples while I mirrored her fingers actions on her own. Pleasure shot over and over from my breasts to my burning pussy. I worked my hips, undulating as I fucked her so hard. When I bottomed out on her huge girl-dick, I ground my clit into her pubic bone.

Sparks exploded through my pussy.

“I'm going to cum so hard!” I hissed.

“Good,” she moaned. “I want to flood that hot cunt with my cum.”

I whimpered, “Yes! Give it to me, B!”

I slammed down her cunt. My eyes widened as the pleasure exploded through my pussy. My snatch writhed and convulsed about her huge girth. I milked her futa-dick. I rose up on her shaft, feeling my snatch suck at it, desperate for her cum.

“Flood me!” I moaned. “Give it to me!”

“Yes!” she hissed, her face twisting. “Oh, summer slut, you're going to howl!”

I slammed my spasming cunt down her girth. I let out a mighty groan, my clit smacking into her pubic bone. My orgasm burned even hotter. I convulsed, impaled on her dick. My petite body thrashed out of control as the pleasure raged through me.

There was no stopping it. I was lost to it. It burned so hot through me. My moans gasped through the air. I sang out my pleasure with such enthusiasm. I gasped and groaned, my pussy spasming so hard on her dick.

“Oh, I love it,” I moaned. “I love your girl-dick in me! Cum in me!”

She bucked beneath me. Her hips bounced me up her cock. Her futa-dick erupted. I gasped, feeling the hot jizz flooded into me. And something else. Energy. The magic spilled through my body as her girl-cum spilled into my cunt.

I howled out in rapture, slamming back down her shaft. My pussy milked out her cock of cum and energy. My entire body tingled. My clit throbbed. I shot my eyes down to my fiery bush. I moaned in delight as my new cock thrust out of the curls.

Pink and pulsing. It grew with every beat of my heart. I groaned and squirmed. It swelled over B's stomach. The tip flared into that familiar pink helmet, the shaft becoming fleshy, little veins running beneath the skin.

“I'm a futa!” I howled.

“Yes, you are,” B said, though her lips didn't move. “Look at that huge futa-cock you grew.”

I gasped, feeling unseen hands stroking my dick. A wet mouth engulfed the tip, sucking on it. My pussy clenched on B's futa-cock as I stared at my new shaft. Nobody touched my new appendage or sucked on it.

Yet I felt it.

“Oh, my god,” I moaned, the wintery room suddenly spinning. “Oh, my god, that's amazing.”

“It is,” B said again, her voice sounding younger.

Darkness washed across my vision. I blinked open my eyes. I stared at Jamie. She peered down at me while the mouth sucked so hard at my throbbing futa-dick. I lay over my desk, the real classroom back. Cum ran out of my asshole, dribbling down to my wet pussy.

“Who's sucking on my cock?” I moaned.

“Ms. Marcie,” Jamie said, licking her lips. “Can I suck it next?”

I shivered, Ms. Marcie's tongue running across the tip of my dick. I let out a whimpering moan. And then my cock erupted. For the first time, I came as a futa. My head shot upward, my pigtails dancing about my face.

“Oh, wow!” I howled as I felt that first powerful pulse of cum fire out of my dick. And then a second and a third. My cum pumped into Ms. Marcie's hungry mouth. “This is amazing, B!”

My futa-teacher drank down my cum. She swallowed it with such hunger. My pussy convulsed and my asshole clenched, forcing out more yummy cum to dribble down the crack of my ass. My entire world spun around me as the duel delights of cumming with a futa-dick and a pussy washed through me.

Powerful ecstasy and gentle rapture.

“I love it, B!”

My dick spurted the final time into my futa-teacher's mouth. Her mouth slid off my dick. “Mmm, you have yummy futa-cum, Keily.”

“I do,” I groaned, hopping off the desk. “I have to go, Ms. Marcie!”

“What?” my futa-teacher gasped.

“You can't go, I have to suck your cock!” Jamie moaned.

“You have to fuck my pussy!” Grace called, still standing at the front of the class, holding her poem in her hands.

“Sorry! I have a sister to fuck!”

To be continued...