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Allison 4

2022-10-19 00:22:07

It was March when I flew to Iowa to celebrate my baby sisters birthday. Time seemed to be dragging balls because it started to feel like an eternity. The lust we shared never died, in fact it grew to the boiling point. No one in the family had any clue that Allison and I had been involved with each other basically since the day we ran into each other at the strip club. We didn't actually have sex yet, but it got to where we damn near did a couple of times when I was in Iowa with her. As the months passed by slowly, she and I had phone and chat sex often, and we also did a hell of a lot of sexting back and forth. She had taken pics of my cock and photo shopped them. She was really really good because the ones she did looked amazing, and real. She photo shopped her hand on my cock, and her fingers didn't even reach all the way around. My all time favorite was the one where she had her mouth wide open and her tongue out as far as she could. Her head was tilted back and she somehow photo shopped my cock head on her tongue. I couldn't get over how sexy my sister looked with my cock in her hand or mouth, real or not.

As more time passed I filmed a lot more porn and sent some of my new films and the new magazines I modeled in to her. Because of her and because of what we had been doing, I started doing a lot of incest porn. I did all brother and sister movies and a few cousin ones, but I never sent those to her. I think it's safe to say that she was my biggest fan, and I loved the fact that she was. After a long and almost painful 4 months, I started to get really excited. Jennifer and her husband had moved to the same town that my grandparents lived, so they were all getting ready to drive to Kansas City to drop my baby sister off. I knew that she and I had an entire month before she went to school. My god can you imagine how much we could do together in that amount of time? I sure could and I got hard just thinking about it. We wanted each other, and we wanted each other really bad. I still couldn't stop thinking about everything that we did while I was in Iowa. I loved watching her cum, it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I had the third room set up for Jennifer and her family, and grandma and grandpa were going to stay at a hotel on the plaza, I paid for it so I got them the best one I could find. Everyone was going to stay for a week and I was going to take them around the city. They have an amusement park here that I planned on taking them to. I took that entire week off so I could spend time with them all. Jennifer and I were close now, not as close as Allie and I, but we were close.

Once the end of June was finally there, there I got incredibly excited. So much so that I couldn't sit still. I rushed around the place to make sure that it was perfect. Why was I stressing about the condition of our place when it was just my baby sister? I knew that they were in Kansas City and that they were working their way through the north land. Finally, I got a call from grandma who said that they were there. I was so excited that I didn't even bother to put a shirt on, I just threw my flip flops on with my gym shorts, that's it besides my boxer briefs. I met them outside and when I did, I looked at Allison who was climbing out of her jeep, I got butterflies. She looked incredibly sexy, oh my god! She had a tight button down shirt and had a couple of buttons undone, making her milky white, sexy cleavage show really well. As a matter of fact I could see the little strap from her bra between her tits. She had on a jean mini skirt and cow girl boots on. Her long dark hair was down and she had a cowboy hat on. She looked incredibly incredibly sexy and it was all I could do to keep my drooling from being obvious. She smiled really big, ran up to me and jumped into my arms like she always did, only she didn't wrap her legs around me like she usually did, she couldn't because of her mini skirt, and we were in front of family, not to mention the normal down town heavy traffic. I held her tight as always only her feet dangled as I held her.

"Jesus you look really sexy." I whispered in her ear.

"You really look so sexy baby." She whispered at the exact same time.

"Did you seriously need to come out with no shirt?" She whispered as we held each other.

"Why not?" I whispered.

"Cause now my little panties and pussy are all wet just from seeing and feeling your amazingly sexy and hot body." She whispered.

"I started getting hard the second I laid eyes on you." I whispered.

"Oh god, try to keep that sexy monster in your pants calm for now." She whispered.

"I'll try." I whispered.

"I love how close you guys are." My grandma said as she smiled as I lowered my sexy baby sister to her feet.

"So do I." I said as I smiled.

"Me too." Allie said at the same time as she turned towards grandma.

"You know, keeping your shirt open like that is going to give a lot of guys dirty thoughts." Jennifer said really quietly and laughed as she walked up to us.

"There's only one guy here that I want to have dirty thoughts about me." Allie whispered.

"Keep wearing your shirt like that, he just might." Jennifer said.

"I hope so." Allie said as she looked at me.

Just then Jennifer actually hugged me. I was floored.

"I know about you and Allie." She whispered in my ear.

"You don't have any right to ss." I said as she interrupted me.

"I know, I don't have any right to say anything about it. I'm jealous if anything, especially since she is one hundred percent consenting and willing." She whispered.

"Are you ok?" I asked as I stepped back and looked into her eyes.

"Perfectly. We'll talk about it later." She said as she smiled.

"Ok." I said with a look of pure confusion.

"Relax, it's ok. Besides, I've had my time with her, she really wants to be with you, and I can't blame her." She said.

"Wow, ok. I'm really confused." I said.

"It's ok baby, she and I had a really long talk about it the night you left." Allie whispered.

"Sorry, I'm having a hard time processing all of this." I said.

"Ok first, stop worrying about what I think about it, I promise you that you have nothing to worry about. We will talk about this later." She said.

"Ok then." I said still confused as hell.

"Stop worrying, it's ok, I know you don't have any reason to trust me, but I'm going to prove to you that I can be trusted this time." She said as Allie looked me over really good and bit her pinkie nail.

"Ok." I said.

"Stop worrying." Jennifer said.

"Forgive me for not really believing you right now." I said.

"I understand, trust me, but wether you like it or not, I consider you my brother, and I am going to prove to you that I am not the same person I was when you were home." She said.

"Ok then, just so you know, I am very reluctantly biting." I said.

"I get it, and I don't blame you." She said.

"It's going to be ok, we'll talk about it more later." Allie said as she gave me a sexy little grin.

"Ok, so how do we wanna do this, do you want to go see your new home or do we want to just go ahead and move your stuff in?" I asked.

"Let's move all my stuff in now so we don't have to worry about it." She replied as everyone else agreed.

"Where should I park my jeep?" She asked as she faced me and pressed her body against mine.

"In the garage over there." I replied as I smiled and pointed.

"How do I get in there?" She asked

"With this." I said as I handed her a remote.

"Cool, do I just park anywhere I want or what?" She asked as she slid her finger onto my abs, giving me an incredibly sexy smile as she did.

"Go all the way to the top, you'll see my truck there. The space next to it is yours." I said as she and I smiled at each other, staring into each other's eyes as we did.

"Is there an elevator here?" Jennifer asked snapping us back to reality.

"Yeah there is, but we have to go in first." I replied as Jennifer walked up to us with a smile.

"Good, because she has a ton of stuff." She said as she got to us.

"Ok, seriously, you two need to be more careful, you looked like you were going to jump him for a second and our grandparents are right over there." She whispered.

"I almost did." Allie said as she looked up at me.

"I know, be more careful, I don't want you guys getting caught." Jennifer said.

"Ok." She and I said at the same time as we stepped away from each other looking each other in the eyes.

"At least we have no furniture to move." Grandpa said as he stepped from around the trailer.

"Very true, let's get this stuff up there." I said.

As we unloaded the many very large suit cases out of the u haul trailer, the workers from the building came out with several big hotel type of carts. Thank god there was a ramp to the front entrance. As we unloaded the u haul tailor, my sisters both got into Alison's jeep and headed for the closed off secured parking garage and went in. I didn't realize that one of the building workers, concierge, I think they're called, went to the 10th floor of the building, which was the top floor of that particular garage. After some time we had at least 5 very large hotel carts over loaded, the u haul unloaded and we had started making our way to the only elevator that went to my floor, which was the 14th floor. As we waited for the elevator, my sisters walked up to us and helped us load the elevator. Allie and I were so happy to see each other that we couldn't contain ourselves very well. We couldn't keep our hands to ourselves at all, no matter how hard we tried. She and I carried a normal conversation as we took the first two loads of suitcases up to the 14th floor, and went back down one more time until we had all of her stuff, in the little entry way that was built from steel and concrete. We did that otherwise you could take the elevator to the 14th floor and walk right into my place. It was pretty damn big and incredibly nice.

"So why is there only one door here?" Jennifer asked.

"Because that's all there is." I said as I smiled.

"Why?" Allison asked.

"Well, I'll just say this, welcome home." I said as I opened the door and walked in with her.

"What the hell?!" She asked incredibly surprised by its size.

"No way! Holy shit, this place is freakin huge! Is it all yours?!" She said as she walked around.

"You live here too Allie." I said.

"This place is huge!" Allie said as she turned and looked at me.

"Wait till you see the bedrooms." Grandma said.

"I love it here, it's so much bigger than the house we grew up in!" Jennifer said.

"Show me around." Allie said after we brought all of her stuff inside.

She took my hand and started to somewhat drag me around. We had a hell of a time keeping our hands off of each other as we did. Several times throughout the tour, she stopped pressed her body against mine and kissed my abs. She licked them and kissed each muscle individually driving me crazy. Thank god no one was around when she did that to me.

"What do you think so far?" I asked.

"Is this really our place?" She asked.

"Yes it is." I replied.

"Between your sexy body, what we've been doing for the longest time, and this place, you're going to make me not wanna leave." She said as she slid her hand all over my body.

"That's kinda what I'm hoping for." I said making her smile and bite her lip.

"Good." She said.

"Let's go see your room." I said.

"Mmmm, ok." She said incredibly flirtatiously.

"Where the magic very well may happen." I said as I smiled.

"I love the sound of that." She whispered.

"Me too." I said.

"Stop, you're going to make me hornier than you already have." She whispered.

I took her up to her room along with the rest of her stuff. I opened the door and showed her in.

"This is my room?!" She asked.

"Yes it is." Grandma said as she walked up behind us.

"Holy shit! It's huge!" She said.

"Is it ok?" I asked.

"Perfectly. It's huge, is this the closet?!" She asked.

"Yes and the one inside of the closet is for all of your shoes." I replied.

"You have your own bathroom too." Grandma said as I smiled and started to bring all of her stuff into her room.

Once we finished bringing the rest of her stuff into her room, I turned around and all of a sudden my baby sister was all but jumping into my arms. She absolutely loved her new place, she was in heaven. She felt like a millionaire, a rich princess who got to have everything she wanted. She wasn't spoiled by it, instead, she was surprised by it. What she didn't know was that the place costed me just over three million to buy it and fix it up. She didn't need to know that, so I never told her. We started to unpack her things, she started with her shoes of course, and two huge suitcases later, she had them all set up the way she wanted. All of the bedrooms in my place were about a quarter the size, maybe a little smaller, of a non regulation basketball court, the kind you find in middle schools I guess. Small basketball court if you will. And that was with the closets and huge incredibly fancy bathrooms in each one. As we kept unpacking, Allie started to realize that her room was set up, painted, furnished and equipped the exact same way she would do it if she were the decorator. She walked up to me and smiling really big before she gave me a big hug.

"You know me really well." She whispered.

"I should hope so." I replied.

"Everything is exactly like I would have done it." She whispered.

"I know." I said as she backed off.

Later, grandma suggested that I take my baby sister down to the lower levels in the building to show her the giant gym they had with the sauna and jacuzzi. I took her to the elevator and as we rode down, she slid her fingers between mine and pressed her body against mine. I came so close to kissing her that it wasn't funny. Luckily I had put a shirt on before I took her down with me. She and I flirted the whole way down, and she couldn't keep her hands out of my shirt. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her tits at all, and every time I looked at them, she would grin and bite her lip or pinkie nail. She would push her chest out so I could get a better look at them. She kept lifting my shirt up and looking at my body and bulge. Once we were down there, I took her on the tour of the the entire area. As we walked around we ran into one of the residents daughters. She was a year younger than Allie, and she was an extremely gorgeous little blonde. She always talked to me every time I worked out, we never really flirted, but we always had pretty decent conversations. Her name was Brittany and my sister knew all about her. I won't lie, she was sexy as fuck. She was Allisons size and had long really light blonde hair, damn near platinum blonde. She had small little baby tits, and this gorgeously tan skin. She had a really nice ass too but I'm sorry, not as nice as my baby sisters. She had a cute face and looked like a girly girl, in fact, she was a girly girl but not as much as my sexy baby sister. The thing was, that she loved girls, she and I talked about it a lot. We had become pretty good friends, in fact, I was the only person in that building that she liked. The other thing about her was she preferred girls over boys. She liked hooking up with the occasional boy, but loved girls more. In fact, she tried to hook up with me several times, but I didn't want to because she was my friend, and I didn't want to fuck that up. That's pretty much how we became really good friends, she gained a hell of a lot of respect for me. That and she was only 17 almost 18. She saw me walking around with Allie and walked up to us.

"Hey jake, I didn't think you were coming down here today." She said.

"I was but she just got here." I said as I pointed to my sister.

"Are you his sister?" Brittany asked.

"Oh god no, I'm his girlfriend." Allie replied as she laughed making my ears get warm.

"Yeah she's going to go to school here and I figured that it made more sense for her to move in with me." I said, not believing that she just said that I was her boyfriend.

"Oh yeah, you're the girlfriend he always talked about! You're name is Allison right Brittany asked. Thank god I called her my girlfriend.

"Yeah, I'm Allison, you're the Brittany he's talked about, nice to meet you." Allison said as she extended her hand out to shake Brittany's.

"Yes I am, he's the only person here that I like. I can't stand anyone else here, they're way to snobby." Brittany said.

"Well I hate snobby people too, so we are going to get a long great." Allie said.

"You two look really really cute together. I mean not a lot of people look hot together, you two do." Brittany said.

"Yeah, we get that a lot." I said as I smiled.

"Yeah we do." Allie said as she looked into my eyes.

"Are you from around here?" Brittany asked.

"No, I'm from Utah, like him." Allie replied.

"So how do you like it here so far?" She asked.

"Well, since I've only been here for about an hour, I don't know." Allie replied.

"At least you have your boyfriend here to show you around, and if it's ok with him, I'll be happy to show you around too." Brittany said.

"Just remember, she's my girlfriend." I said as we all laughed.

"She's hot, that may be hard to remember." Brittany said as she smiled making Allison giggle.

"He's really hot too." Allison said.

"Yeah, you're right, but he's already taken." Brittany said.

"I like her." Allie said as she looked at me.

"She is the only rich person here who isn't pompous and stuck up, that's why I like her." I said.

"You guys are cool too, I'm so glad you guys are here, oh my god I can't stand most of these people here. So tell me, how did you all meet?" She asked.

"We have actually known each other our whole lives. Our families have always been really good friends and did stuff together all the time. So we've known each other pretty much our whole lives." I said making my sister blush.

"We didn't start seeing each other until I was 17. He was already out here and going to school to learn how to fly a helicopter." Allie said.

"So are you 18 now?" Brittany asked.

"I turned 19 a few months ago." She replied.

"Wow, so there is a pretty decent age difference." Brittany said.

"Six years isn't that big of a difference." I said as we all smiled.

"No but its close to 10 years. You like the older guys huh?" Brittany asked as she looked at Allison.

"Yeah I love older guys, he's almost 25." Allie said.

"I'll bet you love the experience he has in bed huh?" Brittany asked.

"Oh yeah." Allie replied.

"So when did you guys know that you wanted to be together?" Brittany asked.

"I had a major crush on him from the time I was like, 10 or something, so for me it was right about then." Allie said as she laughed.

"Yeah, she is the baby of her family so I didn't really notice her, as in girlfriend material until she was 17. I hadn't seen her in a long time, but when I went home for a week, I couldn't help but notice how much she changed." I said.

"I already wanted to be with him, so yeah." Allie said.

"That's so cute, so when did you guys actually start dating?" She asked.

"A week or so after she turned 18. We were talking all the time before then, but somehow it just happened." I said as I smiled.

"So it was a long distance relationship for about a year then huh?" She asked.

"Yeah, and I hate long distance relationships. Some how, this worked out perfectly and here I am, moving in with him." Allie said.

"I'm so happy for you guys, you have a really hot boyfriend. Welcome to Kansas City." Brittany said.

"Thanks, I'm really excited to finally be with him here and not thousands of miles away." Allie said.

"I know, it was a long year without her, but at least I was able to go see her whenever I could." I said.

"And how often was that?" She asked.

"Not very unfortunately." We both said at the exact same time.

"Well, at least you all can make up for lost time now huh?" She asked as she grinned.

"Oh yeah, and trust me, I plan on it." Allie said as she looked at me with a hint of lust.

"I bet you do lucky girl." Brittany said.

"We should have you come over for dinner some time, I kinda like you." Allie said.

"That would be fun." Brittany said.

"So are you still in high school?" Allie asked.

"No thank god no, I graduated already and now I'm going to college." She said.

"What are you going for?" Allie asked.

"Premed." Brittany replied.

"Damn, that's awesome, in going for my nursing school, and my boyfriend is a helicopter pilot." Allie said.

"I know, that's how I initially met your boyfriend, he flew me here from Oklahoma. I just didn't know he lived here until I ran into him in the gym." Brittany said.

"So do you live here by yourself or what?" Allie said.

"Yeah, mom and dad own a condo on the 10th floor, and that's where I live right now." Brittany said.

"That's cool, I'm excited to be living with my boyfriend, finally." Allie said.

"You guys have the biggest and nicest place in the entire building, I'd be happy to be there too. How much do you guys pay for rent?" Brit asked.

"He bought it." Allie said.

"That's so cool. I snuck up there when it was being remodeled into a house. It's fucking huge." Brittany said.

"Yeah it's nice, I wasn't expecting it to be so damn huge." Allie said.

"Aren't your bedrooms like the size of that weight room?" Brittany asked.

"Pretty much." Allie said as she laughed.

We went to the lounge area and sat down. We started carrying on a really good conversation about any and everything. That's when Brittany and Allie both realized that I bought the place and turned it into a home in spite of all of the pompous people, and that I wouldn't have bought it if they weren't such pricks. Now I loved the place since I turned it into my home. Allie and Brittany clicked really really well, so much so that they became really great friends. After we finished, we stood up and my baby sister slid her fingers between mine and held my hand. I couldn't help but get a little hard when she faced me and took my other hand in hers and pressed her body against mine. Brittany helped me show my baby sister around the entire area, the club house, party room, game room and everything. After we finished showing my baby sister all around, she and I walked into the hallway area where no one was. I pushed her against the wall making her bite her lip and lust fill her eyes.

"Mmmmmhhhhh." She moaned as her back hit the wall.

"Girlfriend huh?" I asked.

"If that's ok with you, I mean, you are the sexiest guy alive." She said as she slid her hand into the shirt that I was now wearing.

"That explains why you didn't want me to introduce you as my sister the last time you were here." I said quietly.

"You're smart too, makes you even sexier." She said as she gave me an incredibly sexy smile.

"So if I'm your boyfriend, then I guess you wouldn't mind if I did this." I said before pressing my lips against hers, making her press her tight little body against mine.

I kissed her upper lip slowly and softly, then her lower lip. I felt her mouth open slightly at which point I slid my tongue into her mouth and back out then kissing her lower lip. I repeated that several times, and after the second time, I kissed her a little harder making her moan into my mouth. She started kissing back just as hard only she was now pulling me against her harder. Her hands slid all over the back of my head, my neck and face. After a minute or more of kissing, I broke the kiss making her moan in disappointment. Her eyes were partially closed and she was breathing hard as she looked up at me.

"Was that ok?" I asked.

"Yeah, I want more." She said as she exhaled.

She and I started to kiss more and more passionately as she bent her knee planting her foot on the wall. She arched her back pressing her entire body against mine tighter as she slid her hands all over my back, neck and face. She slid one of her hands into my shirt and all over my back, dipping her hands into my pants. I was also sliding my hand into her shirt rubbing her back as we exhaled through our noses. She started to whimper slightly and I could feel her start shaking as we started to loose control. After a long two minutes of my baby sister and I kissing like lovers, we broke the kiss. Her eyes remained closed for a few seconds before she opened them and looked up at me.

"Jesus christ baby. You're an incredible kisser." She whispered through ragged breaths.

"So are you, I almost lost control." I said.

"Me too. God I'm so wet now." She whimpered.

"We better get going or were going to get arrested." I said.

"Why would we get arrested?" She asked.

"Because I'd get caught eating my baby sisters pussy." I whispered making her eyes pop open.

"Mmmmm, god you drive so fucking crazy." She half whimpered.

"I know, I love what I do to you." I whispered.

"I can't wait to have that big hard cock of yours in my mouth." She said.

"Jesus." I said.

"I know." She hissed.

"We better get going huh?" I asked.

"Yeah, we better." She replied.

We separated and worked our way to our place. We were all over each other like lovers who were getting ready to have sex with each other for the first time. We got into the elevator and started to work our way up. As we did my baby sister pushed me against the wall in the elevator and kissed me really hard. I moaned as she and I started to loose control again. After a few seconds, we felt the elevator come to a stop at which point we broke away from each other. She turned around and leaned against me tighter, and held my arms around her as the pompous riders looked at us funny. We were both breathing hard and couldn't see straight we had each other so turned on. Once we got to our floor where the entrance was, we reluctantly separated and we got off of the elevator. I then went to her bedroom, where grandma and Jennifer were already helping her her unpack. We were all over each other once we knew we were alone, mainly when we were in the closet. She shoved her tongue into my mouth and vise versa many times, and almost got caught by Jennifer. She heard us kissing but when she got to the closet, we were on opposite ends of it. Thank god the bedroom was so big and had hardwood floors, because of that we heard her coming and had plenty of time to separate. When we knew we were safe, she would back her ass against me and grope me, only this time I would grab her amazing ass, making her whimper and bite her lip or pinkie nail. Every time she grabbed my cock, I would squeeze her tits. There were times that our mouths would get so close that I could feel her breath blow into my mouth, just before she and I would start all but making out. She would whimper into my mouth every time we kissed.

"Fuck you're a great great kisser." She whispered.

"So are you, I can't get enough." I whispered.

"I thought you were going to resist my advances." She whispered.

"I don't think I can, I'm having a hard time just keeping my hands to myself." I whispered.

"Yeah you are, but so am I." She said as she rubbed me through my shorts.

"I've missed your touch." I whispered.

"I've missed touching your hard cock. I love your new movies by the way." She whispered.

"What was your favorite part of it?" I asked.

"The fact that you're in them." She said as she started to breath hard.

"You liked those?" I asked.

"Loved them. I liked pretending that I was the girl you're fucking in those." She hissed as she smiled up at me, pushed me against the wall and pressed her body against mine and began squirming against me.

"I kinda wish it was you I was sliding my cock in to." I said.

"Godhhhh, you're making me so so wet babyhhh." She hissed as she slid her hand onto my covered hardening cock.

"I'll bet I'll slide right inside of my baby sister." I whispered making her gasp and grip my hardening cock.

"I'll bet I cum the second my sexy big brothers cock slides inside of my tight little pussy." She whimpered.

"Oh god" I whispered.

"I want you so bad baby." She half whimpered.

"I want you to baby sister." I moaned as she rubbed my entire length.

"God I'm not sure I can wait till they're gone." She hissed.

"Me either, you drive me so crazy." I said.

"I've been aching for you ever since you and I played around at grandmas." She hissed.

"I've got something to help that aching." I whispered.

"I know, and I want it inside of me." She whimpered.

"We better calm down before we gat caught." I said.

"But I don't want to." She hissed.

"Neither do I, but I don't want to get caught." I whispered.

"Neither do I, that would suck. But I love that you make me want you so so bad. You always leave me wanting more and more." She whispered as she giggled.

We started to deliberately bump grind and kiss every time we passed each other, provided no one was in the room with us. She and I started to grope each other as much as we could. When someone walked out of the room, she and I would kiss, listening carefully to make sure we could hear someone coming. When we heard foot steps coming, we would break the kiss and make our way to opposite sides of the room. Even when we had people in the room with us, we were able to grope each other secretly. No one knew what we were doing at all. At one point she unbuttoned her shirt and let me slide my hand into her bra, so on many occasions I had a hand full of her perky firm tits. I started to throb when I felt her hard nipples press against my hand as she started to breath hard. She sighed and whimpered every time, rubbing the entire length of my covered cock at the same time. As we touched and groped each other, her face, neck, and chest turned red and we would both be breathing hard. I was at that point that my baby sister had me right where I was when I was in Iowa, I wasn't ready to explode, but she had me so hard and turned on that I was shaking. Grandma and Jennifer both went to the living room to sit and relax with their husbands. I was shocked to find that Jennifer then told her kids to stay down stairs in the living room with them. In fact, she put a movie on for them to keep them occupied. Once we knew we were going to be alone for a little while, she walked straight to me and grabbed my cock making me throb in her hand over and over again.

"God you're so so big and hard baby." She whispered.

"I'm all hard for you." I whispered making her exhale hard from her mouth.

"I can't wait till I have you all to myself." She hissed.

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Because, I'll be able to commit incest with my sexy, and very well hung big brother." She half whimpered with slanted eye brows, rubbing the entire length of my cock in the process.

"God you make me throb when you talk like that baby." I said as I slid my hand on her face.

"I know, I can feel it, I love making you throb." She whispered.

"I wish we were alone, god I wish we were alone." I said.

"Why is that big brother?" She asked.

"We'd be committing incest right now." I whispered.

"Yummy." She whimpered as she gasped.

"I'd be buried inside of you." I hissed.

"Mmmmm, ggggggod." She gasped.

"I'd be sliding every single inch of my cock in and out of my baby sister, nice and slowly." I hissed as she rubbed my cock and moaned.

"I'd be cumming sssssssooooo hhhhhard all over my brothers big hard cock." She whimpered as we both started to shake.

"That's what I'd want." I said.

"I want incest, I want it so bad babyhhh." She whimpered softly as our faces got closer and closer.

"So do I, oh my god I want you so bad." I hissed.

"So take me." She whispered.

"If I knew for sure that we wouldn't get caught, I would." I said.

"Maybe we should take a step back from each other." She whispered as she kept rubbing me through my shorts.

"Why?" I asked as she let go of my cock and slid her hand on my face.

"Because if we don't, I'll be taking your cock out, spreading my legs, pulling my little soaked panties to the side and begging you to fuck me. And if we do that, I won't be able to stop and we'll get caught for sure." She whispered.

"We wouldn't want to be caught committing incest would we?" I asked.

"No we wouldn't, but trust me, we will have all the time we need after they're gone." She whispered.

"Then we can have incest sex together all we want." I whispered as she kept rubbing me through my shorts.

"Just me and my incredibly sexy stud of a big brother." She said as she moaned.

"I can't wait." I said.

"Oh my god, neither can I." She said.

We took a few steps away from each other and started to unpack her things again. My vision was incredibly hazy and I had a hard time catching my breath. I throbbed for her, I wanted her really bad. It didn't help that she would walk right up to me and slide her hand down the length of my cock when we walked past each other. I couldn't keep my hands away from her tits, let alone stop looking at them. I loved her little ass and she knew it. She and I couldn't help ourselves at all, we started bumping and grinding again and would even kiss each other very very passionately as we touched each other. As soon as we had most of her things put away, she looked out and made damn sure that everyone was sitting and relaxing in the living room. She even walked out to the bannister of the balcony and looked down into the huge living room. Once she knew that the coast was clear, she ran back to the room. She walked up to me and pressed her body against mine tightly and pressed her mound against my leg and squirmed against it, leaving a very wet and slimy spot on the leg of my shorts. She looked into my eyes and slid her hand on my throbbing cock.

"I want you to see how wet you make me again." She hissed as she continued to squirm.

"I'm not sure I'll be able to control myself if you show me your little pussy." I said.

"So don't." She said as her grin disappeared and lust filled her eyes and face.

She took my hand and pulled me toward her bed. Once we were close, she stopped me and walked away from me and to her bed as she looked back at me, pulling her little skirt up as she did. She crawled onto her bed and got into the doggy position and spread her legs. Her feet were hanging off of the bed and I watched her look back at me with pure and unadulterated lust on her face and in her eyes as she reached back and pulled her panties to the side. My cock throbbed so hard that I swore I was going to explode. She was so sopping wet that it looked like someone had gotten as much saliva as they could in their mouth and spit into her panties. In fact, it looked as though a bunch of people had spit in her panties. Her wetness dripped, and clung to her panties, stringing out to the side as she pulled them over. Her juices were literally oozing out of her. Seeing my own flesh and blood little sister, the baby of the family that wet was unlike anything I had ever seen in my life, made me freeze and stare in pure lust. I had never in my life had ever seen a woman get so incredibly wet like she was, and I was doing porn! As I stood there and throbbed, I watched her pussy nectar drool in big stringy droplets to the bed below her.

"What do you think baby?" She hissed as she watched my face.

"Oh my god, I've never seen a woman so wet in my life." I hissed as I walked to her.

"I have never in my life have been this wet, I'm all wet for you baby, I'm all wet for my big brothers huge, sexy, incestuous cock." She whispered.

"You have the nicest, sexiest and tastiest looking little pussy I've ever seen, fuck I love your bald little pussy." I said as my body tensed up and shook.

"I'm all wet for you, I'm ready for your cock." She hissed.

I walked up to her and couldn't resist, and just as she started to cover her bright pink little pussy, I stopped her and leaned over to get a closer look at her pussy as she looked back at me.

"Don't cover it up yet." I whispered as I gripped myself through my shorts.

I slid my middle finger from her ass hole, all the way to her clit saturating my fingers and hand with her natural lube. Her hips immediately trusted slowly as she gasped in sharply and let this incredibly sexy long quiet moan out as she exhaled. The way she and her body reacted to my touch was making me loose control.

"What, do you like that?" I asked as she looked back at me.

"Yeah, fe...feels so good." She whimpered as she pushed back against my hand.

I rubbed the entire length of her pussy several times before I leaned down to get a very close look at her perfectly shaven, bald, dripping pussy. I inhaled her making my cock pulse as I inhaled her sweet smell in. She started to rock back and forth pressing her little mound against my hand. As I rubbed her clit in slow gentle circles, I leaned in and planted the softest little kiss on her pussy, coating my lips and face in her sweet sweet nectar. My god I wish I could describe what that did to me. She tasted so so good, oh my god her pussy was sweet. I then slid my tongue out and gently licked from her clit to her taint, pushing my tongue between her barely there, soft and silky lips and dipping my tongue inside of her ever so gently. Her juices poured into my mouth almost as though I was drinking her from a small cup. I couldn't believe how much of her juices flowed into my mouth.

I ended it with a kiss, and did it all over again several times, dipping my tongue inside of her further with each tongue kiss I placed on her amazingly gorgeous pussy. She started to gasp and exhale erratically and her pussy started to get wetter and wetter. She pressed her pussy into my face as I slowly licked and kissed her pussy. She moaned and I felt her fingers slide into my hair and pull it. My chin was dripping with her juices as I continued to drink every drop of her. She let go of my hair, and fell on her face, keeping her ass high up in the air for me to continue to kiss her sex. She buried her face into one of her pillows and let a very shaky moan out as her body started to tremble. The way she started to grind against my face jerkingly, told me that she was getting ready to cum. I could feel her start to spasm on my tongue as I slid it inside of her and started to slowly kiss her as though our tongues were wrestling. I made sure to lick her clit every so often bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. I had only been eating my baby sisters intoxicating sweet pussy for a minute or less before her arms started to slide all over her bed. She gripped her silky sheets and pulled them to her as she moaned and whimpered. She turned her head from side to side and she started to squirm like crazy. Her ass cheeks jiggled as her hips thrusted jerkingly, yet slowly. I watched goose bumps form all over her gorgeous, pasty, milky white skin as she gasped, held her breath, and exhaled erratically letting these incredibly sexy little whimpers and moans out.

Seconds later I just knew to back off, and when I backed away from her pussy, I pressed the tip of my middle finger against her clit and held it, moving my finger in extremely small almost unnoticed circles. I started to kiss her sexy ass and slid my thumb inside of her. Her long dark brown hair flowed around her head and face and her body rolled and gyrated. Seconds later, she held her breath and she really really started to cum. It was as though she had water balloons inside of her and her pussy just squeezed and spasmed around it, popping the balloon in the process. Her warm cum came out in one long squirt that started out powerful and weakened as her entire body stiffened really hard. She moaned into her pillow as more cum squirted out in several intervals. Her bed and sheets were absolutely soaked. There was so much cum that I could see it soak around her legs and knees and started to run down the foot of her bed. After a few minutes I slid my soaked thumb out of her and slowly rubbed her clit, rubbing more and more gently until I took my hand off of her pussy all together. I leaned in and licked her bright pink slit several times before I tongue kissed it very slowly and gently several times coating my lips in her cum. Once she collapsed onto the bed, kicking her legs out in the process, I backed off and smiled as I watched her roll onto her back, her body was still writhing from her orgasm as she laid there. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open as she tried to catch her breath. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and grinned. She looked up at me and rolled onto her back and laid there for a minute or so. She then sat up and smiled.

"I wasn't expecting you to eat my pussy like that." She hissed as she smiled.

"At least you know what I think about your pussy baby. I couldn't help myself." I said as I smiled.

"God that felt sssssoooo good." She half whimpered.

"You came pretty quick." I said.

"I know, I'm so embarrassed." She said as she giggled and sat up.

"Why?" I asked.

"I've never cum that hard that fast." She said as she smiled.

"Oh god, please don't be embarrassed baby, that was thee sexiest thing I have ever seen. Besides, I love that I made you cum so fast." I said.

"Really?" She asked as she grabbed my waist and planted her feet on the floor, scooting her ass onto the cum soaked edge of her bed in the process.

"Yes really, I hope I make you cum like that all the time." I replied as she grabbed my waist and pulled me to her.

"That's twice now sexy stud." She said as she slid her hand down the length of my covered cock.

"For what?" I asked.

"You made me cum twice, once by fingering me, and now from eating me out." She hissed as she gripped and she stroked me through my shorts.

"I loved it, you taste so fucking good baby." I hissed as she pulled my shirt up and slid her hand up my body as she stroked me through my shorts.

"Mmmmhhhh, I love how my big brother eats my pussy." She said as she started to breath hard.

"There's so much more of that for you now that you live with me." I said.

"Mmmmmm, goodhhh, I want more anyway, now it's your turn." She half moaned as she and pressed her lips against my bulge making my eyes and mouth open wide.

She licked and gently bit the width of my cock very gently from the base to the head. I slid my hand on her face and I exhaled hard as she did that over and over again. She licked me through my shorts making sure to wrap her lips around my head through them. She reached down and slid her left hand onto my balls and started to rub them and as adjusted my cock so that it was pointing straight up. She let one incredibly sexy long whimper out, and her body shook once my cock stuck out of my shorts. My cock head covered my belly button it was so long. Her eye brows slanted and her mouth opened as she moaned.

"I want it, I want it ssssssoooooo bad babyhhhh." She whimpered as looked up at me.

"So take it." I hissed as she slid her hand onto the bare skin of my cock for the very first time.

"Fuck I can't believe that I'm finally touching this amazing cock." She hissed as I exhaled hard from the feeling of her soft small hand.

She pulled my cock away from my body, pulling my shorts down further as she did. She then planted soft gentle kisses on my cock head several times making me jump. I throbbed in her hand as she held my cock out and kissed every inch of me as she looked into my eyes. I watched her press her upper lip against my cock head and slide her tongue out along the underside of my cock. I groaned as she licked and kissed my cock, and my vision became incredibly hazy. I moaned out as she opened her mouth as wide as possible and wrapped her lips around my cock head. She swirled her tongue around the underside of my cock head making me throb in her mouth. She moaned as she took more of my cock into her mouth and sucked me in and out of her mouth slowly, swirling her tongue on me as she did. She looked up into my eyes as she slowly jerked the rest of my long hard cock with her hand. Seeing my own baby sister with my cock in her mouth made me pulse in her mouth. And the look in her eyes as she looked deeply into mine, good god.

"Oooohhh ffffffuck, oh my god." I moaned as I watched my baby sister very slowly and sensually suck my cock, leaving my cock head and a few inches down my shaft, shiny and soaked with her saliva.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, you taste so good big brotherhhhh." She moaned after releasing me with an audible pop.

"Mmm...my god, uuuuuhhhhhh." I moaned as she stroked my cock with both hands.

"God you're so fucking huge, my fingers don't reach all the way around you baby. Mmm it's so heavy too, I've never held a heavy cock before. I never knew that I would ever have one this big." She whimpered.

"It's...it's all yours now baby, ooooooohhh ggggod Allison." I moaned as she kept jerking me slowly and gently with both hands, twisting her wrists as she did.

"Sssshhhhhhhhhh, you're going to get us caught." She said as she giggled.

"I can't help it." I said as I exhaled hard.

She started to suck my cock again, pulling my boxer briefs and gym shorts down to my knees as she did. I didn't realize that she had taken one of her hands off of my cock and had it up her skirt rubbing her own pussy as she sucked my cock. She whimpered and moaned softly on my cock as she continued to very slowly and gently suck my cock. Just as she started to bring me closer to exploding, we swore that we heard foot steps coming up the stairs, making her pull my shorts back up and tuck my cock back into them and push me back. I leaned down and pressed my head against hers and looked deep into her eyes.

"God I want you so so fucking bad." I whispered just before I stood up.

"Mmmmmm, I'm all yours big brother, I'll give you all the pussy you want. You don't need a girlfriend." She whispered with slanted eye brows.

"I'm all yours baby sister, you can have as much of my cock as you want, you don't need a boyfriend." I hissed.

"Mmmmm, you're right, you're my boyfriend. Don't think for one minute that I'm not done with you yet, you're not getting away with it that easy, I'm going to make you cum." She moaned as she stood up.

"You already do." I said.

"Not like that, I'm going to suck you off." She said with a lustful grin.

"We forgot to shut the door." She said as we laughed.

"Good thing because we wouldn't have heard them coming." I said as we stepped further away from each other.

I couldn't breath very good at all, my baby sister had me so fucking horny that everything was hazy. I was shaking and I had to find a way to hide my throbbing, pulsing, cock that was soaked with my baby sisters saliva. Allison grabbed a pile of blankets and threw them over the huge cum spot that was on her bed and sprayed perfume to cover up the scent of sex that permeated the air, and luckily, that worked really well. She stood up and went to the bathroom to "get more comfortable", but I knew she was changing out of her cum soaked skirt and panties. She did take clean clothes with her as I rummaged through her suitcase to help hide what we were just doing. By then, I was on the other end of the room and Allie was in her bathroom changing, and by that time grandma and Jennifer got to the room. I was revved up and ready for more, I was still so turned on that I couldn't see straight. I had to act like everything was "normal", even though nothing was normal between Allie and I.

"Where is Allie?" Grandma asked as she opened the door and they walked in.

"She is in there changing." I replied as I pointed to her bathroom.

"How's it going?" Jennifer asked giving me a knowing grin.

"It's moving, how do you think it's going?" I asked sarcastically.

"That good huh?" Grandma asked.

"Actually, it's not that bad, at least we have all of her stuff in here already." I replied.

"I'm really happy to know that you two are so close." Grandma said.

"Why?" I asked as my cock finally started to go down.

"Because, I don't ever have to worry about her." She replied.

"That's true." I said.

"So why was it so quiet when we got up here?" Jennifer asked with a little grin.

"I was going over some ground rules with her, what she can and can't do, like parties and stuff." I said.

"You're not allowed to have parties here?" Grandma asked.

"We can, but I don't want to get any complaints, the people here are incredibly pompous so I don't need to give them a reason to complain." I said.

"That and no alcohol and no boys can stay the night here." Allie replied as she walked out of the bathroom, wearing that sundress she wore the day I made her cum for the first time ever by actually touching her. She had her gorgeous long dark hair pulled up.

"Are you ok with that?" Grandma asked as she and Jennifer started to help me and Allie put all of her stuff away and hang pictures up.

"Why wouldn't I be? This is his house, his rules." Allie replied as she smiled.

"I'm so proud of you." Grandma said as she hugged Allie.

They were going to start making the bed, but Allie insisted that they don't. Only she and I knew why, but they decided to just let her do it. We were having a normal conversation and laughing a lot as we finished getting her settled in. They were so clueless about what my baby sister and I had been doing, it was awesome. Just as we finished getting my sister settled in and most of her things put away, and set up the way she wanted it, we went to the living room to join everyone else. Luckily, I had gone half way down by then, thank god. As we all sat there talking, I watched Allie take her phone out and started to text, I didn't know who she was texting until my phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled my phone out and looked at the message.

Allie: you have no idea how long I've waited to have that amazing cock of yours in my mouth.

Me: how long

Allie: too long. OMG yo