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The New England Army Sex Club - Part One

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Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 07:14:22 -0000
From: [email protected]
Subject: The New England Army Sex Club - Part One (Military, College,
Authoritative, Urination)

The following Adult Erotic story is fictional. However it is based on actual
true events as told to me and dictated at the bottom of this story. The
characters descriptions have been changed to protect their real identities,
due to the sensitive nature of the actual events, their families, and their
military careers.

(MMMM, oral, mutual j/o, Frat/ MM, Outdoors, Oral, NC, BD, kidnapping,

The New England Army Sex Club
Part One
By Riain Y. Barton -- Ri-Press copyright 2003

Based on an actual true account that happened to

"Darn Right"

Cast of Characters:

UVM Frat Boy -- 6'2" (188cm) 170lbs (77kg) Brown Hair (flat-top) Brown Eyes,
age 21, Semi-Hairy, 7" cut cock -- `claims' to be straight, but has had sex
with several frat bothers at Sigma-Phi.

1st Soldier -- 6'1" (185cm) 166lbs (75kg) Brown Hair (crew-cut) Green Eyes,
age 29, Semi-Hairy, 8" cut cock -- Bisexual -- Married, 2 children.

2nd Soldier -- 6'3" (191cm) 202lbs (91.6kg) Black Hair (crew-cut) Brown Eyes,
age 36, Very Hairy, 9.3" uncut cock -- Straight (except for club
participation) -- Married, 6 children.

3rd Soldier -- 5'10" (178cm) 154lbs (70kg) Red Hair (crew-cut) Blue Eyes, age
30, Smooth Body (except for pubic bush, legs, & arm-pits), 7" uncut cock --
Bisexual -- divorced, 1 child.

4th Soldier -- 5'11" (180cm) 161lbs (73kg) Brown Hair (crew-cut) Hazel Eyes,
age 35, Semi-Hairy, 7.5" cut cock -- Bisexual -- Married, 3 children.

5th Soldier -- 6'4" (193cm) 210lbs (95kg) Blond Hair (flat-top) Blue Eyes,
age 30, Very Hairy, 10" uncut cock -- Bisexual -- (friends suspect he is
secretly gay) Unmarried, no children.

6th Soldier -- 5'8" (173cm) 140lbs (63.5kg) Light-Brown Hair (crew-cut) Blue
Eyes, age 28, Extremely Hairy, 8" uncut cock -- Straight (except for club
participation) -- Unmarried, no children.

I cannot believe I am about to write this down. I guess I am doing for
therapeutic reasons, to help actually believe it was real and how this has
affected my brain and my sex life.

This all started on my last free weekend before final exams at UVM. UVM is
the University of Vermont, where I am a junior, and a member of the
Sigma-Phi fraternity. I had driven down to see my girlfriend, we have been
dating for two-years, and we still have not had sex, because she believes in
abstinence until marriage. Of course once again it was a weekend without
sex, and there I am a healthy twenty-one year-old all-American male stuck in
a girls' dorm, on the campus of the University of Massachusetts -- Amherst,
with hundreds of hot babes all around me, and I am in a situation where I
got even beat my meat. Thank god I had a jack-off section with my roommates
on the Thursday before I left.

Now there I was basically with blue-balls driving back to Burlington on
Interstate 91 and I am thinking I am about to be a senior, and I am a hot
athletic frat boy, and still a virgin. Ok, well not exactly a virgin, I have
been playing around with some of the other guys in the frat house, but only
because of my girlfriend not giving me any of her twat, not even a hand-job.
I am thinking this is nuts and it is time to change things -- I need to end
it with her as soon as finals are over, and start playing the field and
sewing the field of college babes.

All of that thinking about being a free man had started to make me hard,
plus I had to fucking piss like a racehorse. I did not think I would be able
to make to the next exit. Fortunately, there was a parking area just a mile
ahead. It was one of those rest areas for truckers, but didn't have any type
of facilities, just a place to park and that's all. I pulled in and it was
nearly empty, but I still parked at the very end away as far away as I could
from any other vehicle.

I got out and took a look around and decided to walk up a small grassy hill
to take that piss. Once, I got up there I realized that anyone down in the
rest area could still see me -- not that I am pee shy, but I had decided that
I fucking had to get off, I needed to cum really bad. I looked around and
saw that at the bottom of the other side of the hill was a forest and that
there was no one or anything anywhere around that area. So, off I went down
the hill about to piss and jack-off in the woods.

I walked into the wooded area and decided if I was actually going to
jack-off I should go further into the woods, and not stand so close to the
grassy clear area. I walked for about 200 feet (60m) when I noticed a kind
of trail; it obviously was not a hiking trail or any type of an official
trail, but just a noticeable path through the trees. It followed along the
area between two hills. I decided to follow it for a little ways to see if
maybe there was a small clearing that I could use for my piss and to pound
my pud. I guess I went about 300 feet (91m) when the very small trail
started to go up hill and there was still no clearing of any kind, if
anything at all it was even more densely wooded there. That was that, I was
not going any further, I had to take that piss.

I was wearing gym shorts and a jock strap, so I had to pull them down to get
my cock out. I held my cock as I pissed just like a horse. I didn't think I
was going to stop. Eventually it did slow to a trickle, as I put my finger
through the last of the stream. I always found it a turn on to watch piss
come out of my cock, and even out of cocks that sometimes I would get to see
in public toilets, or at the frat house. I brought my finger up to my mouth
and tasted my own piss. I had never done that before, I don't know what was
coming over me. It was bitter and salty, but I didn't find it completely
repulsive. I shook off the last few drops and was about to start rubbing my
cock to get hard, when I heard a noise.

I looked around and didn't see anything -- I laughed a bit, realizing here I
am in the woods, where there is all sort of wildlife, even catamounts and
moose. I was sure all that I heard was some squirrel or some other harmless
creature. I did know that I heard the noise further up the trail, further up
the other hill. I had no idea what came over me, but I decided to
investigate; maybe I would get to see a wild moose or a deer. So I started
hiking up that small trail up a very big hill, further and further away from
where I had parked. I had walked up almost to the top of the hill about 500
feet (152m) when I came upon a bit of a clearing with several large rocks,
one big enough and flat enough to lay on. I decided this was the place to

I laid back on the rock and lifted up my fraternity t-shirt to my nipples
and started rubbing my hard stomach, and running my fingers through my thick
treasure-trail of hair that runs from my chest hair to my thick black pubic
bush. I slowly started putting my right hand into my shorts and underneath
my jock and began playing with cock, and immediately it started to respond.
I started thinking about the last time I had cum. It had been last Thursday
night in my room at the frat house, with my roommates. I remembered how hot
it had been to have my one frat brother and the roommate who sleeps right
above me to suck my cock and then to jerk it, with my hand hitting his lips
and mouth as I finished myself off and then my cum spurting all of over his
lips and face. At the same time my other two roommates where tightly against
me, as we were all sitting on my bed, and they were jerking each other off
and came at the same time. And my roommate that had been sucking me then
came into his hand and then brought his hand to his mouth and ate all of his
cum. The three of us sitting on my bed were all straight, but this frat boy
with my cum all over his face was bisexual. He was the one that ended up
getting us all to have a secret jack-off club and he was the only one that
would do anything else other than jacking-off.

By this time I had become rock-hard and pulled down my shorts and jock to my
knees and started stroking my hard cock. I was just about to really get into
it, when once again I heard a noise coming from the trail above, and getting
closer... until I quickly tried to pull up my jock and shorts and get them
over my huge erection. I only managed to get my shorts up and so my cock was
sticking out making a huge tent, as I looked around and saw a soldier
standing there in full combat fatigues. He looked at me and just reached
down unbuttoned his bdu's and pulled out his cock and began pissing. I was
still speechless. I had never been caught jacking-off by a complete stranger
and I had never jacked-off outside before except on camping trips. He spoke
immediately and said, "Don't mind me boy, I just need to take a piss." And
that is what he did he began pissing right there in front of me. I finally
spoke and told him how sorry I was and did not realize that there was anyone
around at all, and I just needed some quick relief. I explained that I was
parked at the rest area and had just come for a piss myself, when I decided,
well, when I thought I'd relieve some stress. He stopped my mumblings, as he
finished pissing and said, "No need to explain to me boy, I was your age
once, and I am not that much older than you now."

Now he had turned completely around and was facing me, but he had not put
his dick away, there it was sticking out of his uniform, it was limp but
definitely a bigger than my when limp. I could not help but to stare out it,
I mean I had never seen a stranger just be so immodest about pissing and
then by just standing their showing their penis to me. I was quickly
brought back to attention, when he spoke to me again, "Do you like what you
see boy?" I turned red and realized what had just happened. He chuckled and
told me not worry about that all guys look at other guys; they just lie
about it and try not to let anyone ever know.

He told me he knew because he was in the Army and had been a soldier for
eleven years. He then asked, "So what do you think about it son, does it
look like a nice piece of meat?" I didn't know what to say or how to react,
I quickly tried to gain my composure and answered, "Well, Sir I real don't
know, I don't really think about dicks, I am not a fag." He chuckled again,
looked at my crotch and said, "Looks like you are still having some trouble
there, that thing may not go down until you finish the job you started." I
reached down and pressed on my still hard cock, and tried once again to get
it under the jock strap, while telling him that I probably should get going
and finish at home.

Yet instead of walking away something kept me standing there as we both kept
looking at each other, and he still made no attempt to put his dick away. I
finally asked, "So what are you doing here in all your combat gear? I did
not realize that there was any type of military instillation around here."
He explained to me that it was not military property, that it belonged to an
Army buddy of his and that several of his Army friends had formed a sort of
club, where they go to different places that are real private and camp put
and play soldier, like when they were kids. He said it was a good way to
spend some down time away for the real military, the wife, the kids, and
responsibilities and at the same time be with good friends who are the same
as you and also to use all those skills that they had learned in the

He then said to me, "So why don't you lay back down there and continue to
beat that frat cock of yours?" I realized he knew I was in a fraternity by
my t-shirt -- but I could not believe what I was hearing, I mean this real
masculine guy who mentioned a wife and kids couldn't be gay, so why did he
want to start jerking-off again? He took a few steps towards me until he was
close enough to reach his hand out and start rubbing my hard-on through my
shorts. "Not a bad piece of meat there bro." He said to me. He then asked me
how old I was and where did I go to university. I told him everything while
he continued to slowly stroke my cock. I looked down and saw he was starting
to get hard.

He looked into my eyes, and said, "Nothing wrong with two grown men being
brotherly and helping each other out is there?" I stuttered and told him
that no I guess there was not anything wrong with that -- After all I could
hardly be a hypocrite and say there was after the things that had gone in my
room the last 3 years. He then took my right hand and out it onto his cock
and asked me, "How does that feel boy?" I told him it felt really nice.

He then reached into my shorts and grabbed my cock with one hand then with
his other hand he pulled my shorts down to my knees along with the jock
strap. He told me that I looked very fit and did asked if I played any
sports. I told him I did, that I played some football, and some soccer and
was on a rugby team as well. All of this was going on while both of stroked
each others cock -- We were now both rock-hard and moaning. Then suddenly he
stopped, he walked over to the rock and leaned against it and brought me
with him, having me still face him. He then took both his hands and put on
my shoulders and started pushing me down to the ground, suddenly I realized
I was on my knees with his cock right in front of my face, as hi undid all
of the buttons of his fly and pulled down his fatigues down past his balls.
He had a nice pubic bush of brown hair and large balls that were also
covered with hair, and I could smell a strong musky smell coming from his

He looked down at me he told me, "Suck me cock boy." There was a change in
his tone this was not a request but a command. I looked up at him and told
him, "But Sir I am not queer, I never have sucked a cock in my life, and I
don't want to start now." He just stared at me, and then he said, "Look, boy
this has nothing to do with being queer, you weren't queers just a few
minutes ago stroking my cock, so why would you be queer while sucking my
cock?" I just sort of shook my head and said, "It is different Sir, it just
is, if I do that I'd be a cock-sucker." He began rubbing his cock along my
lips and cheeks, while at the same time telling me that we were just two
grown me with no one else around and just helping each other out -- He said
that it goes on in the military all the time, two best buds out all alone
for weeks at a time, you got get off somehow. I realized that everything he
was telling me was the same thing that my roommate that sucks my cock says
to me all the time.

He spoke again, "Come on now frat boy, don't disappoint an American soldier,
that needs to get off really bad. I have been out here in the woods all
weekend and haven't had sex with my wife in five days and she won't suck my
cock." I looked up and asked him why wouldn't she suck him off? He explained
you see women are not like us men, they don't have dicks, they don't know
how good it feels to get a blow-job." He then asked me, "Do you have a
girlfriends? Does she suck you off? I had to be honest and tell him that she
didn't and not only that she would not have sex with me at all, and that I
was still a virgin. I spilled my guts and told him about how the only sex I
ever was with my frat brothers. He then told me, "You see I have been right
the whole time about everything -- We men have to help each other out and it
was time and my duty to suck his cock." He then pushed his cock against me
lips and told me, "Now be a good `soldier' and open that mouth of yours and
take this soldiers G.I. meat.

The next thing I know my mouth is open and his cock is inside. I start
sucking on his sock and licking it and trying to imitate how my roommate
sucks my cock. He started moaning and telling my how good it felt, and that
I was a natural, and how much pleasure I was giving him. His words of
gratitude and encouragement made me want to suck his cock even more and even
better. I really started to get into it, bobbing my head up and down and
trying to take more and more of it into my mouth. I couldn't believe how
turned on I was getting, especially smelling his musky crotch and feeling
his pubic hair on my face. His talking dirty to me was also turning me on,
and I started jerking on my cock. The next thing I know he takes his cock
and say, "Please boy lick my balls, clean those balls with that hot tongue
of yours." Without any hesitation, I started licking his balls and giving
them the best tongue bath that I possible could. It felt very strange the
loose skin on my tongue and in my mouth, and all the hair as well.

He is really getting horned up now, I am sure he is going to cum soon, and
me too and then this will be over and I can go back being a normal
heterosexual all-American frat boy. Then he flips me around and puts me in
his spot and he is now in my spot. I am now on my knees with my back against
the rock and my heading leaning back as well. He then shouts, "Now boy open
wide and prepare for a real throat plowing. Before I could say or do
anything the he had his cock all the way down my throat and my face buried
in his hairy crotch, my nose completely surrounded by his thick pubic hair.
I am now really scared this way more than I could even imagine, I did not
want this to be happening anymore... but I had no way to say NO! He was now
using my mouth, my throat as his own personal pussy, and I couldn't move or
stop it.

Just when I though things could not getting any worse, I heard some noises,
he quickly put his hands completely over my ears and now I could barely hear
anything -- All I knew was there were definitely some noises but I couldn't
tell where from or what kind, and I could see nothing but his hairy pubic
bush and hard stomach. I then thought I heard some laughter -- Oh my god did
his friends come looking for him? Would he actually do this though in front
of all his straight army buddies? What the fuck was happening to me? He
began picking up speed and really pounding my face his hard stomach smashing
against my nose his large balls slapping against my chin. Then I definitely
heard voices. "That's it, pound that college fag's face; feed him your army
man-juice." That's when I felt his cock swell in my mouth and loud grunt
coming out of his mouth -- then it happened I could actually feel fluid
coming out of his dick, and taste his cum. I knew he had just cum in my
mouth, I knew the taste of cum because we had to taste coming during hell
night when I pledged my fraternity. There I was in the middle of nowhere, on
my knees swallowing a complete stranger's cum, with his dick still in my
mouth and there were now witnesses to this -- I didn't know if I was going to
pass out or throw-up. That's when he let go of my head, but before I could
say anything or see anything; everything went dark, some sort of hood was
put completely over my head. The only openings seemed to be for my nose, I
could not see, I could not speak, I could not hear. Now I was really
frightened. I was confused, I had so many emotions going on, I did not know
what to feel, what to think, what to do. I couldn't do anything that was the
reality, because now they had tied my hands behind my back, whoever they
were! Oh god what if they were some sort of weird satanic cult and now they
were going to kill me? I was thinking so many things at one time, I soon
couldn't think of anything at all, except I just had my mouth raped by a
stranger with a uniform and a gun, and now his friends were there. This is
when they started marching up hill.

[FIN -- Part One]

To be continued...

(The original TRUE story is after the copyright and publisher's information)

Written by Riain

This story is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in anyway without the
consent of the author.

Copyright 2003 Ri-Press

The author may be reached at:

[email protected]

One day I was driving down i91 and stopped at a rest area to take a piss I
walked up the hill and took a leak and when I was coming back down the hill
I saw a guy in an army uniform and he had his cock out and I look over at
him and he wanted to know if I liked it I said to him are you talking to me
and he said yes do you like it I said I would like it better if it was in
my mouth and he said to get over here and get on your knees as I was sucking
him I hear some noises and I look up and there were five more army guys
standing there and they had their cocks out I sucked each one off one after
the other and then they started again I was told I was going to get gang
raped and they took turns fucking me and while one was in my ass I had
another cock in my mouth and then one of them put his ass in my face and
told me to start licking I was somewhat afraid so I started licking which
was a first for me after they had all shot a second load one of them came
back over to me and asked if I would like to do it again sometime and I told
him I would I met them two more times after that but at my house it was
great -- By "DAMN RIGHT"