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Keep Me Warm in the Winter- Part 2: Possibilities

2023-01-22 00:19:55

The next morning we sat at the breakfast table with the rest of the Michael’s family, trying and failing miserably to look nonchalant. My hair was a bird’s nest. It hurt to walk, but given the pounding I got last night I was just glad to be walking upright. Brian fared better. His only obvious tell of our adventures the night before was when he would zone out mid-bite, lost in memory and out of it from too little sleep. We kept exchanging meaningful looks across the table, and now and again I would break out an insuppressible smile. Anyone suspecting anything would be easily convinced, but it looked like no one was.
As soon as we could get away we did, bolting from the table about five minutes apart. After a loud detour to his own room to throw any tail, Brian sneaked through my door, erect but still exhausted. I was able to fulfill my tease to Brian by letting him coat my tits in jizz from a Jesse Patel Handjob (patent pending), but after bringing each other to orgasm with hands and tongues, we were both too spent to do anything more than cuddle and make out. It’s a nice way to spend a Saturday morning, curled up with a sexy guy who only wants to explore the recesses of your body and get lost in your lips.
We showered (separately, to Brian’s disappointment) and tried to act casual until that night. Then Brian snuck back into my room and fucked me every way we could think of, cumming in me, on me, and turning my bed into a sticky mess. Truthfully, that night is a blur of one intense blur of orgasm after orgasm. Body parts and body fluids swirling through my memory to the song of ecstatic moans. Sure beats calculus.
I woke up the next morning alone in my bed, Brian having left early so he could be woken up for mass as usual. After taking some time to clean dried jizz off my face- I had given Brian that tit-fuck he wanted- I set to work cleaning my room. The juxtaposition of Brian, probably sitting in the cathedral, and me cleaning up the evidence of a night of wild, pre-marital fornication gave me no end of amusement. Somehow I doubted he would bring this up in confession.
The school week was hell. We hardly saw each other during the day because of our wildly different schedules, and we couldn’t stay up late to fuck like we did on the weekends. Every once in a while we could sneak in a sloppy blowjob in the boys bathroom or a quickie in the coat closet, but besides that it was nothing that didn’t run on batteries for me. I was able to start on birth control though, which was a relief to all involved.
Saturday morning found Brian’s head between my thighs, driving me crazy with what he assured me was his “well-practiced” cunnilingus technique. I had come twice already, and the third came smoothly upon me, raising me up in ecstasy at the flicking of Brian’s tongue. Brian lifted his head up when all was through and smiled broadly at me, my juices dripping from his jaw.
“I told you, didn’t I?” Brian teased. I laughed in response, still trying to ride the afterglow.
“Yeah, you told me.” Brian crawled up alongside my stretched out, naked, form and played with my hair.
“Are we exclusive?”
My first instinct was to slap him. Of course we’re exclusive! You belong to me and no other woman can have you! But I quickly regained control of my impulses and began to think it out. We hadn’t really discussed the terms of our relationship beforehand, and we definitely weren’t dating. He’d had scores of women before, so I’d always known he wasn’t mine alone, but it still hurt a little to imagine him with anyone else now that we’d shared so much. It was a painful pill to swallow, but I had to answer:
“No, I guess we’re not.”
Brian could tell I was crestfallen. Like any good guy would do in this situation, he kissed me. When he came up, he tried to comfort me.
“Don’t worry, Jess. I’m not asking because I have a hundred girls after me. I was wondering about you.” Well now he’s just talking nonsense. “If I’m the first guy you’ve been with you should experiment. Sleep around. See what you like.” It was tempting. There were a few men I knew who would have they’re cocks out and they’re face buried in my chest the moment I gave the word, and a select group I could enjoy that with, too. Brian noticed the gears turning in my head. “You don’t have to give me an answer. I’m just letting you know you’re free to do want you want. Just send me some pics when you do.”
I hit him with my pillow right in his grinning face. Soon we were rolling and wresting on his bed, and I decided to shelve that idea until further consideration could be taken. I did have one more question though, and managed to stop Brian from turning wrestling into fucking long enough to ask it.
“There has to be some girl, right? You’re not putting your entire operation on hold just for my sake are you?”
“Of course I am,” Brian said grinning from ear to ear. A terrible liar. I socked him with my pillow again. “Okay well I guess there are a few girls.” I pouted cartoonishly. “But I was actually thinking of seeing if you were into the idea of a threesome.”
Now that was interesting.
“Depends on who it is. She can’t be hotter than me of course.”
“No one’s hotter than you.” I socked him again for being corny. This time he threw my pillow to the other side of the room. “Do you know Angie Rourke?” I did, but not well. She was a skinny Irish chick with coppery hair and freckles. I knew she ran cross country, her but looked good in track shorts, but I didn’t think I’d ever spoken to her. Brian couldn’t have picked two girls more opposite physically if he’d tried. Maybe he had.
“I might be up for that,” I said after a long moment of consideration. Brian’s eyes lit up immediately.
“Don’t worry about the details, she used to be really into me sophomore year. I’ll work it all out with her. I know she’ll be down.” The amount to which he’d thought this out was somewhat unnerving.
“But now, I believe it’s my turn for oral,” he smirked. Amazing how fast a guy can shift gears.
“Mmmm,” I sighed. “I don’t know if I can move.”
“Well I guess I can do all the moving for you,” Brian said. He gently rolled me onto my back and swung one leg over my chest, his thighs resting gently on my tits. I had a good idea of what he was planning, and I was staring right down the length of his rock hard cock. “Open wide,” he said, and I obliged. He stood up on his knees and fed me about five inches of his member, which, through practice, was about as much as I could take without gagging. I rubbed the remaining shaft with one hand. He withdrew his hips slowly as I sucked and licked his head as it slid between my lips, the tip not quite slipping all the way out. One pearl of semen, salty and sweet, oozed out of his slit and onto my lapping tongue. It was salty and sweet. I didn’t overly mind the taste, but I had still never let Brian come in my mouth. I had blown him plenty, but always pulling it out at the last moment and usually directing the oncoming geyser onto my heaving mounds, but if I wasn’t fast enough any place that wasn’t my eyes would suffice. I’d had to wipe more than a few globs of cum off my face, and one particularily sudden cumshot had left me looking like a pornstar, but I was always too squeamish to just take it in my throat.
Brian dove into my mouth again, going maybe a little deeper than he had the previous time. I found it easier to relax when I wasn’t one doing all the moving. He settled into a rhythm pretty quickly, occasionally just pushing the borders of where he’d been before. He grunted with each thrust, his athletic thighs and lower abs standing out with the effort. To help, I grabbed his ass with both hands, squeezing firmly. Brian moaned. On the next in-stroke I pulled him deeper into me, until his balls just grazed my chin. His dick now plunged a few inches down my throat with every stroke. Brian was having the time of his life, but I was starting to get a little bored. Stamina can be a double-edged sword when you aren’t getting anything out of it.
I decided to play with my facial expression. First I rolled my eyes back in my head, like trying to stare at my own brain, which was as close as I could consciously get to my “o-face.” Then, post coital, half lidded, dazed, and focusing on nothing much in particular. Finally, doe-eyed, innocent, with just a touch of confusion, childlike in wonder at the size and beauty of this heavenly cock. Hey, you got to play to the fantasies. Without warning, Brian gasped and came, apparently he liked this one.
His hips frozen mid-thrust, I pulled them the rest of the way into me, as deep as I could conceivably go. His cum had already splattered onto the back of my throat and rushed to fill my mouth with it’s sticky sweetness. Further blasts dripped down the back of throat, and I felt them run all the way into my stomach. Brian had a lot of them too, his butt clenching and releasing with ever shot into my waiting gullet. A small bit of overflow gushed out of my mouth and collected between Brian’s balls and my chin. He began to extract himself. I spit whatever was left in my mouth onto his softening cock.
Propping myself up on my elbows, I blinked a few times. That was something I hadn’t expected, and probably wouldn’t have consented to had it been made an open question. But it felt… good. Not just the cum swallowing, which I’ll admit wasn’t all that bad, but the use, the submission, the losing control. Brian hadn’t asked to fuck my face and shoot jizz into my stomach, he had just taken it. I knew it was an accident, these things happen, but just the idea of being seized like that made me unbelievably horny. I filed that away, for future reference. I just might have a little rape fantasy.
For now though, I smiled shyly, and rested my hand on my stomac, now full with sperm. Brian apologized profusely, but I laughed it off, managed to assuage any guilt he had.
“Now,” I said when we had finally put the matter to rest. “About this threesome.”
We established, a date, a time, and some ground rules. I get more attention than her, I’m not eating anyone out, and try not to get her pregnant you big idiot. Bisexuality had never been my stock-in-trade, but I was open to the idea of new pleasures, and that Irish piece wasn’t a bad looking woman. Angie hadn’t been hard to woo, to hear Brian tell it. She was already dying to jump his bones, so it wasn’t much coercion to talk her into a ménage-a-trois.
Almost suddenly, I was lying flat on my back in my bed, pinned at the wrists by surprisingly strong hands as red curls dusted the side of my face and soft but strong thighs gripped my hips. This was Angie’s way of breaking the ice between us. Three way foreplay quickly turned awkward, so Angie had pushed Brian away.
“Babe,” she’d said, “we should probably work out this alpha-female thing now.” Then she tackled me. We rolled around on my mattress, tousling half naked until she had gained the upper hand with her damned superior physical fitness, the bitch. Our chests were heaving, her small but perky breasts naked, mine straining under a cami. Then she fucking kissed me, and I realized how soft girls were, how warm, how gentle. Resistance melted away and my legs stopped kicking to fall akimbo against the sheets. Soon there was tongue, and no more holding my wrists, and she was stroking my face and staring into my eyes and I felt her slit, hot and wet, through our pairs of panties. Limbs tangled, dominance was exchanged once or twice, and I felt soft fingers touch me in places I had never realized I could be touched. I for one, had never known the “g-spot” was only one of many such erogenous zones on a woman. The more you know.
I was so, so, frustratingly, obnoxiously close to coming when Angie stopped her pleasuring, sat up, and smiled.
“Brian,” she said. For the first time in what seemed like days I noticed Brain. Poor kid couldn’t believe his eyes. His cock pushed against his boxers so hard I thought it might come ripping through. “Why don’t you come finish her off.” I gave a whimper of puppylike protestation, but Angie was already rolling off. Brian had ripped off his boxers, and the sight of his dick as long as hard as I had ever seen it did a lot to console me. As Brian pulled my sopping panties off, Angie lay down beside, pulling my camisole up over my tits so Brian could see them. I stuck my legs into the air and wrapped them around Brian as he entered me smoothly and quickly. Angie turned my head to hear and pulled me into a deep, tongue-filled kiss.
In just a few strong strokes from Brian’s piston I came violently, my hands white-knuckle on the headboard and all I could do to not bite Angie’s tongue of. One small hand fondled my solid nipple as another ran through my hair. Not longue after Brian filled me with jets of hot seed and I plunged deeper into the well of ecstasy. Angie and mine’s exploration of each other’s bodies probably hadn’t done much for his stamina. A deep warmth spread within me, starting where Brian had filled my womb with semen and spreading out to the very tips of fingers and the tip of my tongue within Angie’s mouth. This must be what heroin feels like. Wait, is heroin cold? Whatever. I don’t remember many physical, corporeal details about the next few moments, but I was left to catch my breath on my back as Angie and Brian did who the fuck cares. I came out of my haze just as Angie eyed Brian’s dripping, flaccid cock.
“Aww, did you come in her? I was hoping to get some of that,” she said in mock anger.
“Don’t worry. It’ll come around again.” Angie crawled around me to take his member in her mouth as it faded and secreted its last drops of cum.
“Hmm, I like the way you taste, Jesse” my heart swelled with misplaced pride. Angie’s ass sure looked good from this angle. I smacked it. She giggled. I liked this girl.
It took Angie and I a good 10 minutes of sucking, tugging and making out to bring Brian back to erection. When we did it was Angie’s turn to take him, and she happily sprung onto his cock, tits bouncing wildly as she rode him ferociously for what seemed an eternity. It was spellbinding. She came at least twice, throwing back her head to scream and toss her hair. I was glad Brian’s family was out shopping. Angie knew when Brian had reached his peak, and slid his head out of her red cunt as he blew a load straight into the air, landing on Angie’s chest and neck.
“That was the best fuck I’ve had since grade school.” We must have looked horrified because she quickly added. “Fight Club, anyone?” She shrugged. I had been lying next to Brian the entire time, just running my fingers up and down his muscles. Catholic girls are always freaks.
“Well I’m exhausted,” she said, flopping down on Brian’s other side and curling her naked body against his.
“I could probably come one more time,” Brian replied.
“Do you think you could drill me one more time, tiger?”
“Yeah I could probably make that happen.” We both looked at Angie.
“I just want to lie here, but if Jess wanted to climb on and make out while you fuck her I’d be down for that.”
That sounded good to us. Brian managed to pull off another erection with only mild visual stimulation from us. I came pretty fast, but part of that might have had to do with Angie’s finger on my clitoris. When my lip-biting and moaning was over, I whispered into Angie’s ear.
When Brian warned me he was about to shoot his wad, I rolled off Angie. He looked surprised as he showered us with cum. Angie and I took turns licking it off of each other, she took special care with my tits. I should listen to Brian’s ideas more often, this one turned out pretty well.