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The Dream? A Reality!

2023-01-24 00:09:26

Was it a dream?

It was raining. My parents were going away for the weekend. They had left me behind with my younger sister.

Being a Friday night, I was downstairs watching mindless television. Thunder and lightning were playing across the curtains. Beside me was sitting an empty glass of Rum and Coke I had poured myself from the fridge.e.

My sister was upstairs doing whatever they do in their rooms. I chose not to notice her. Ignoring her kept up both happy.

It was getting late. I was slipping in and out of sleep, still watching the TV. Once I snoozed for half an hour. i awoke to a slight fizzing noise coming from my glass. Mindlessly, I drank the remaining contents an put the glass in the sink. When I sat back down, I started to feel very relaxed. And dozy...

After a few minutes, I saw my sister standing at the top of the stairs.

I didn't care.

She was standing there stark naked.

This didn't seem strange.

She walked down the stairs towards me.

I started to feel sensual.

She stood naked in front of me. Without saying a word (at least I don't remember any), she guided my hands upwards ands stripped off my shirt. Without prompting, she stood me up and stripped off my pants.

We were both naked. I didn't care.

Without a word, she grabbed my erect dick with one hand, turned away and lead us out into the rain. She pulled me across the lawn, down into the middle of the road and up the street.

A few houses up and we were at her friends house. She knocked and we went in, soaked and naked. She closed the door behind us and guided me over to a fireplace. She lay me down and straddled on top of me.

I looked up at her flat chest and bald pussy. She was still holding my dick, lightly stroking it harder. When it was rock solid, she touched it with her vagina. A moment later, she had pushed it in. I could no longer see my dick, but felt it inside my sisters snatch.

Without much coercion or stimulation, my penis started erupting sperm inside her body. It felt terrific to unleash that raw energy. It was then that I realised I was fucking my sister. And I didn't feel like caring.

After my penis had expelled it's last drop and had shrunk back into limpsville, my sister got off. It was then that I noticed two of her friends standing nearby,completely naked.

Over the course of the evening, her two friends played with my penis until it had hardened. Then one by one they mounted and rode me to ecstasy.

After I had screwed them all senseless, my sister stood me up and lead me back outside again. The storm had passed, and the rain was now a light shower. She guided our naked bodies back to our house again, then screwe. d me one last time before we went to bed.

I woke up in my chair with a start when a carton erupted onto the screen. I was dressed. It was stormy outside. My pants smelled of fresh sperm.

Was this a dream?

Was it real?

The next day, her friends came over to visit my sister. They had a coy look on their faces when I answered the door. They were both wearing a loose shirt and a short skirt. I could look down to their flat chests. They looked me up and down and smiled. As they passed and went up the stairs, I could hear them whisper and giggle. This was not unusual. It was then, when they were near the top of the staircase, did I notice that neither of them had underpants on.

They turned around at the top of the stairs, saw me looking at them and giggled. With a mischievous grin on their faces, they gave me a quick flash and raced off into my sister's room. I stared in their direction for a few minutes, turned round and put on the television.

The rain had not slowed down, and it was too cold and wet to go outside. Not that it really mattered. I was enjoying watching television in front of a nice, toasty fire. Hours passed. I drifted in and out of sleep in front of the fire. After a while, I dozily woke up out of a snooze and my eyes drifted upstairs. My sister and her friends were standing there looking down. I dreamily noticed that they were wearing only a shirt each. They saw me staring at their hairless vaginas and steeped back out of site.

I drifted back into a doze. When I opened my eyes again, they had resumed their position on the balcony. This time they were wearing only a skirt. The next time I drifted out of sleep, they were standing there stark naked. I drifted into sleep again and dreamed that my clothes were being removed. I drifted out of sleep and saw the three girls standing in front of me naked. They smiled and I fell asleep again.

In my dream (at least i thought it was), they each took turns mounting my penis and ramming it into their vaginas. i had sex with each of them until I came into their young bodies. In fact, I had sex with them three times each.

When I awoke, it was dark again. The storm had started again. It took me some time to notice I was sitting there naked with no sign of my clothes. I located them strewn up the stairs, The clothes my sisters friends were wearing were piled on top of them. i dressed and took them upstairs. They were playing strip poker in my sisters room. My sister had got tem both naked without losing anything (apparently). As I gave them their clothes back, I noticed some white sticky cream dripping out of their vaginas. Maybe it wasn't a dream after all.

Sunday came without any further incident. My sisters friends went home. My sister kept to herself in her room until our parents returned.

Weeks later I discovered that my sister and her friends were pregnant. They all miscarried early into the pregnancy. Was I the father? Did any of that happen? It seemed so much like a dream, yet the evidence suggested otherwise.

Some time later, my sister insisted on having sex with me officially, but that is another story.