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First time with Cal

2022-11-06 14:25:15

I was 21 years old going into my 3rd year at university when I had my 1st Gay experience. I considered myself quite experienced with women. I'd had a couple of steady girlfriends at Uni and my fair share of casual sex. I can’t say I’d ever felt a sexual attraction to another guy. I’d never given it any thought until I met Calum. He was 20 years old about 5'7" with a slim build. He had wide expressive eyes and pouty lips. Short light Brown hair which he kept perfectly styled. He was quite feminine physically and in nature. Someone once commented that it was hard to tell if he was a pretty boy or a handsome girl. Which did sum him up quite well.

A mutual friend had recommended me to Cal when he was looking for a new roommate. We met up for an initial chat and hit it off immediately. He was a 2nd year design student. I knew he was Gay beforehand and had no problem with it. I was happy with the room, and I moved in a couple of days later. It was a little different from my previous roommates. But we got on well from the start and soon settled into a routine.

It started as a bit of light-hearted joking between us. Cal had a mischievous sense of humour and got a rise from teasing me. I was never uncomfortable with it, in fact I found it a bit flattering. I was in the kitchen after my regular evening run. Cal came in and made a remark, something about me looking hot and sweaty.

“It’s the only way I’m getting hot and sweaty at the moment.” It was an off the cuff comment as I was having a bit of a dry spell with women.

His reply was typical Cal.

“Poor Rob. Are you missing the lovely Annie?”

This was a reference to my ex-girlfriend.

“Not really, just the sex.”

“Well, I could always help you out with that.”

I would normally laugh it off, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to turn the tables on him.

“You’re not really my type.”

He gave me a condescending look.

“Come on Rob. Your type is anyone who will let you.” “You didn’t go out with her for her sparkling personality.”

This was true. She was hard work and could be a bitch at times. Annie and Cal didn’t get on and I found myself defending him to her on a few occasions.

“Maybe I should. I’ve had to listen to you often enough.”

We lived in a two bedroomed terraced house. Our bedrooms were separated by the main bathroom. Noised carried even with both our doors shut.

This amused him.

“Pervert! Listening through the door for kicks.” “Kind of hot though, knowing you’re getting turned on.” “Maybe I should start leaving my door open.”

It went back and forth like this for a bit. I didn’t seem to be phasing him, so I made a half-hearted attempt to grab him.

“Right! You’ve pushed me too far.”

He gave a yelp as he avoided my grasp and hurried out the door and up the stairs. I was pleased that gotten the upper hand for once. I finished my water then went upstairs for a shower. Cal’s door was open, he was standing with his hands on his hips wearing only his briefs. I was a bit surprised by this turn of events. I could have taken it as just his way of getting his own back and shrugged it off. But the situation felt more serious, and I found myself staring. I’d never seen him in any state of undress. I really couldn’t help but admire his smooth slightly tanned body. He called my bluff.

“Now’s your chance Rob. I don’t think you’ll get a better offer tonight.”

I don’t know what it was, but it just felt very erotic. I can’t recall giving it any thought or consideration. I found myself standing in front of him. He was pushing my shirt up before I knew it. Any opportunity to stop him passed when I felt his lips on my nipple. When I pulled my T-shirt over my head his hand went down the front of my shorts and closed round my cock. I didn’t resist or try to stop him as he tugged my shorts down. He was on his knees holding my stiffening cock.

“If you want me to stop, just say.”

I think we both knew that there was no chance of that happening. He was looking up as he wrapped his lips round my cock. I didn’t know how to react, but my hand went to his head. He took this as confirmation that I was willing. He sucked and lapped at my cock. When I was rock hard, he led me to the bed by the cock.

“Lie back and enjoy sweetie.”

I sat back and watched as he slipped his briefs off. He was completely hairless, waxed as I later learned. He looked towards the door then turned back to me.

“I should close the door; my weird roommate likes to watch.”

The tension lifted and we both burst out laughing. He straddled my thighs and adjusted the pillows behind me.

“You’re going to get the best blow job you’ve ever had, and you won’t be able to tell anyone about it.”

He gave me a kiss and winked. Sucking each nipple in turn as he worked his way down my body. His mouth felt amazing. He had his hands on my hips as his head moved up and down. When I felt the first pulse of cum I told him. He gripped the base of my cock, his eyes locked on my face as he took my load. When I was fully drained, he moved back up sitting back on my thighs stroking his cock. I didn’t think there was any expectation, but I felt I should at least make some sort of effort. He had both hands on my shoulders as I stroked him. I felt his fingers dig in and the warm cum hit my stomach. He pushed hard against me. We kissed, his tongue slipping into my mouth as his cock throbbed between us. I have always enjoyed the taste of my own cum whether it’s been from a pussy or from my own hand. When he scooped some from my stomach, I grabbed his hand and guided it to my mouth. It tasted different from my own, the same creamy texture but sweeter. Gathering the rest in his hand, he held palm towards me. I licked his hand clean, savouring the taste. Sharing the cum as we kissed felt intensely erotic.

Lying back to recover, Cal broke the silence.



He slapped my chest lightly.

“Best?” “Worst?”

“Not bad.” “Maybe an eight out of ten.”

He gave me a stern look and pinched my nipple hard.


I gave a yelp as he twisted my nipple.

“OK, a 10!”

“Told you so.”

I watched as he got off the bed to get cigarettes from the dresser. He had a small round ass which swayed slightly as he walked.

“Nice ass.”

He looked over his shoulder and gave it a wiggle.

“Thank you, sweetie.”

He came back to the bed. He placed an ashtray on my stomach and lit a cigarette.

“Big cock Rob.” “Bigger than I imagined.”

“Have you perving about me?”

“Of course.” “I bet you’d doing the same if you shared with a hot girl.”

Passing me the cigarette he turned on his side, his hand roaming across my chest and stomach.

“Fuck yes.” “Straight boys aren’t usually my thing.” “But if I knew you would be so easy, I’d have been all over you when you moved in.”

He took the cigarette from me and placed the ashtray on the cabinet beside the bed. His hand moved down my stomach to my groin.

“You’re a hottie for sure.” “A bit scruffy for my liking.”

His hand resting on my trimmed pubic.

“That’s a plus, I don’t like hair in my mouth.”

I kept myself closely cropped solely because I tended to sweat when working out.

“It’s uncomfortable when I’m running.”

He held my cock and started kissing my chest. The warmth of his flesh against me and his lips on my nipple felt very erotic. My cock began to harden. I put my hand on his shoulder and tried to guide him down towards my cock. He sat up and gave me a light kiss. He screwed up his face.

“A bit smelly.” “Shower first.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off his ass as he walked to the ensuite bathroom. I wanted to fuck him, and my cock throbbed at the thought. I’d never been in his bathroom. It had a large shower at one end. A WC in the middle and the wall with the window was taken up by the basin with a large mirror above. The large overhead shower drenched us both with warm water. Cal squirted some shampoo into my open hand. As I massaged it into my hair he worked the lather running down into my body. I leant back against the wall as he held my balls in one hand, the other stroking my hard cock. When he seemed happy, he handed me the bottle.

“Me now.”

I enjoyed how his body felt under my hands. I turned him round to wash his back paying attention to his ass. I ran my hand between his cheeks lightly pressing a finger against his hole. Pulling him against me I kissed his neck.

“I want to fuck you.”

He turned to face me.

“Sorry!” “I hadn’t expected this, so I’m not prepared.”

I was disappointed but understood. We dried off and went back to the bedroom. Cal sat on the edge of the bed and told me to stand in front of him. He held the base of my cock as he tongued along the length. When a bead of precum formed he ran it along his lips. That was the first time I noticed his pouty cocksucker lips. They glistened with my juice. The urge to kiss them was uncontrollable. They were warm and moist against my own as we locked lips. It felt so passionate and intimate.

He told me to stay where I was and placed a pillow on the edge of the bed then sat back on his legs.

“Right, I’m not like your girlfriends Rob, I want your cock down my throat.”

He lay back with the pillow under his shoulders, his head tilted back mouth open. I had to bend my knees slightly to get comfortable. He guided me into his mouth and then placed both hand on the back of my thighs. I started to slowly fuck his mouth. I didn’t want to push the full length, but he pulled on my thighs taking me fully into his throat and held it there. When his grip eased, I pulled back. He kept me in his mouth and took a couple of breaths before pulling on my thighs again. I got the picture and started fucking his mouth hard. He gagged and choaked, gasping for breath when I pulled back. My orgasm was intense. I had my full weight on his chest as I pumped the full load into his throat. When he released my cock I leant forward and took his cock in my mouth. He squirmed out from under me. We ended up with me on my hands and knees with him kneeling in front of me. It wasn’t my cocksucking skills that brought him off. He finished himself off with his hand shooting cum into my mouth and onto my face.

He had a massive grin on his face when I sat up.

“You are such a slut!”

I laughed at his reaction.

“Well fairs fair.” “So, marks out of 10?”

He gave it a little thought.

“A four as you were surprisingly enthusiastic.”

After cleaning up we were lying back. He was half draped across me my hands cupping his ass.

“Have you ever had anal sex?

I’d never broached the subject with any of the girls I’d fucked and they had never offered.


This seemed to surprise him. He pushed up to face me.

“Not even Annie the slut?”

“Never thought about it to be honest.”

He had a wide-eyed look on his face.

“Oh Rob!” “You’re in for a treat.” “Lots of firsts for you this weekend.” “If you still want to?”

I gripped his ass tighter. He gave me a light kiss on the lips.

“We’ll see how you feel tomorrow.” “Now sleep.” “I’ve got things to do and you have the football.”

The experience had drained me physically and emotionally. I drifted off with him pressed tightly against me.